Fashionable menswear autumn-winter 2021/2022: 12 current trends

021, as well as 2020, was a real challenge for the whole world, and the fashion industry was no exception. The industry itself has undergone great changes: most brands have moved their fashion shows and collections to the online format.

Many designers actively experimented and rethought their own view on the men’s closet, and, of course, the collections presented by them turned out in the spirit of our turbulent and time. For example, autumn coats are reminiscent of roomy and cozy home robes, ski suits are quite replacing the winter clothes, and balaclavas are a direct reference to the mask mode.

So, what are the most current men’s clothing trends for fall/winter 2021/2022? What to buy for a modern man to keep up with the times?

We counted 10 men’s clothing trends for the fall/winter 2021-2022 season:

Men’s suits, and not the classic cut;

Animalistic and geometric prints on clothing;

Leather coats and jackets;

Bomber jackets;

Ski suits or parts of them;

Men’s camel or plaid overcoats;

Beige trench coats;

Knit polos;

90’s style vests;


Denim jeans and 90’s style clothing;


The hottest colors for men’s clothing according to Pantone

According to the Pantone Color Institute experts, the most fashionable colors of 2021 are gray and yellow. Yellow shade Illuminating is joyful, friendly and saturated, and gray (Ultimate Gray) symbolizes coolness, reliability and absolute confidence in yourself and your actions.

But Pantone is Pantone and reality is reality. In fact, the most fashionable and frequent colors in men’s collections were beige and its shades, such as coffee with milk and camel. The second most popular color we would call burgundy. Also in fashion is the already mentioned gray, as well as black and navy blue. And all the colors from the Pantone palette.

Men’s suits 2021-2022

Not quite as we know them

Fashionable men’s clothing 2021 is, first of all, suits. And although many fashion houses presented in their collections a classic cut suits, both single-breasted and double-breasted, on the catwalks we saw a lot of jackets without lapels and, as we found out, without lining. Such suits are less obligatory and will easily fit into an everyday informal closet.

Also in fashion are suits in plaid. In addition to plaid, topical prints on suit fabrics are contrasting vertical stripes, abstract and geometric patterns.

Denim suit remains a favorite of the fall and winter season. This suit can be worn with any shirts, t-shirts, socks, hoodies and sweatshirts.

Many designers presented men’s suits made of not quite usual materials – velour, velvet, leather and suede. As a rule, such suits are offered to be combined with a polo shirt. These are stylish and unconventional solutions that will appeal only to the most daring and creative individuals.

Animalistic and geometric prints in menswear 2021

In fall and winter in fashion animalistic prints, and if you plan to buy something with such an unusual for men’s clothing prints, choose things laconic, very simple styles, well, just so it would not be too much. We recommend you pay attention to the shirts by Antonio Marras and Landlord. By the way, you can wear such a shirt unbuttoned, over a golf or T-shirt.

Men’s bomber jacket for fall 2021

Bomber, a jacket that came into fashion in the 1930s, is still relevant in the fall images of 2021. Bomber style is considered actually classic, so the exuberant imagination of designers is mainly aimed at the decor and color scheme.

Fall 2021 menswear trends seem to hint that this jacket won’t just be the basis for casual and sporty looks. Made of satin, leather and metallized silk, bomber jackets assume wider application. For example, many designers combine sport-chic bomber jackets with classic shoes.

Also in fashion will be the military style jackets, the so-called Varsity jackets, which you probably saw in American movies, well, say, in the movie “Grease” with John Travolta in one of the main roles. Such jackets can also be called practically the uniform outerwear of basketball players and American soccer players.

Men’s leather jacket and leather coat 2021-2022

Leather jackets and coats are practical and very comfortable to wear, and as a consequence, they are often included in their collections by fashion designers. We recommend paying attention to:

leather suede jackets;

aviators on sheepskin;

strict leather jackets to the waist;

leather jackets;

Leather overcoats.

The best colors are black and brown: strict, stylish and yet unpretentious. Textures can be both glossy and matte. Only light scuffs, zippers and stand-up collars are used as decorative elements.

Trendy Men’s Coats 2021-2022

The topical men’s coat is desirable to include in the list of compulsory purchases for fall 2021. This year, designers please with a variety of colors, textures and styles. Let’s characterize the top three favorites in this segment to narrow down your field of search.

The most fashionable color for men’s coats in the fall-winter 2021-2022 is beige and the so-called coffee with milk. We recommend paying attention to cashmere models, they are especially elegant.

Do you like unconventional and bright images? Then you, most likely, will suit a coat with a tartan print. Very stylish and practical look oversize models – they are worn both with a classic business suit and with a sweatshirt.

Men’s Trench Coats for Fall 2021

Probably the most fashionable men’s clothing for fall 2021 is the classic beige trench coat. Designers offer voluminous trench coats made of classic gabardine and cape fabric. The main elements of decoration are the buckles and the flaps. These trench coats are visually very reminiscent of those worn by British military officers during the war.

Ski suits/jackets/pants for every day in late fall and winter 2021-2022

Of course, we will amicably hope that no quarantine, much less lockdown, will prevent us from going to the ski resort this winter, but if God forbid that doesn’t happen, you can safely wear your fashionable ski suit to walk around town and even to work, if, of course, sporty style fits into your work dress code.

Knitted polo shirts instead of shirts

Most fashion houses did not present classic shirts in their fall-winter collections: in conditions of pandemic and quarantine restrictions they are not very much in demand.

The optimal solution – when elegance goes hand in hand with comfort – is knitted polo shirts, which have all the characteristics of a classic shirt (shape-holding collars, plackets, buttons). Consider cashmere polos from Jil Sander and Prada or even softer in terms of texture from Fendi and Hermès.

Knit vests in the ’90s style

Vests similar to those worn by your dads in the nineties, made of coarse or fine yarn. We recommend wearing such a vest with a polo shirt or sweater in a contrasting color.

Denim jeans and menswear 2021-2022

Everything in the nineties style is in vogue: the so-called jammies and suits made of decanted denim. However, the images from different fashion houses, albeit in the same style, look different. See the photos and see for yourself:

Turtlenecks for Fall and Winter 2021-2022

Turtlenecks not only look stylish with a jacket, jacket, trench coat, but also cover the neck well, preventing hypothermia and colds. As for colors, we advise to pay attention to trendy this season gray and yellow.

Men’s turtlenecks we saw in the fall-winter collections of Jil Sander, Fendi, Wooyoungmi, Dior, Brunello Cucinelli, Canali, OAMC, Hermès and Etro.


The style of the eighties and nineties brought with it not only velvet textures, but also the return of large logos, which are often adorned with fashionable men’s sportswear 2021. They are also often applied to T-shirts, sweaters, and turtlenecks. Even those designers who weren’t previously known for narcissism now decorate things with logos, paying homage to the street aesthetics of past decades.