Features of leather bag care

Leather bags are more expensive than fabric bags or leatherette. They are more respectable, more prestigious and look rich. But… for now, their appearance remains unchanged. No one is insured against cutting the top material of the accessory, but abrasions, discoloration, tarnishing and dirt can be avoided. You need proper and timely care for your leather bag.

The methods of cleaning and care depend on the color of the bag and the type of material. Factory solutions and substances are available to help keep the surface of the material light or dark, shiny or matte. However, even among home remedies you can find “helpers”.

Bright bag

You will find it in the house:



wet wipes;

demakiyazhenie tool;



These products are used for white and light handbags.

Important: Do not rub the accessory with soap, make soap solution and apply it to the surface. If you clean it with milk, add the egg white.

After wet treatment, dry the bag and apply a thin layer of glycerin or castor oil. Then the skin will remain soft.

Dark bag

It is important to use products that do not make the surface faded, shabby.

Ground coffee, lightly diluted with water. Remember that coffee is an abrasive product. Therefore, you should wipe the bag carefully and do not rub it, otherwise the skin will become dyed.

Solution with soap (soap, shampoo) and a spoonful of ammonia alcohol.

After treatment, you should wipe the bag and immediately dry it with a dry cloth. And then apply glycerin.

Painted leather

The lacquer bag, like the light leather one, can be cleaned with a slice of bulb, whipped protein or a mixture of milk and protein. But it is better to have a special product for this particular type of skin.

Every day, you should wipe the surface with a damp soft cloth and then dry it. Then it will shine always.

Important nuances

After purchase, you should lubricate the surface with a colorless cream with water repellent properties.

Leather bags should not be washed. Maximum – wipe with a cloth soaked in ground coffee, soapy water or milk formula. And immediately wipe with a clean, damp cloth and afterwards with a dry cloth.

Do not use metal brushes, abrasive or aggressive substances for cleaning bags.

The stains should be removed not from wet bags, but from dried ones, otherwise there is a risk that the skin will stretch or the paint will come off.

It is better to take the heavily soiled bag to the dry cleaners.

If the bag is wet, immediately dry it and lubricate with glycerine or colorless cream. Otherwise, stains will appear on it. Do not dry near batteries or other heating devices. The bag must dry naturally.

Storing leather bags in their own boxes or bags will protect them from drying, dust settling, scratches. The bags should be cloth, but not polyethylene. Do not forget to put in the package special adsorbent, coffee beans or fragrant dry herbs.

Take care of the leather bags as if you were taking care of your hands. And they will make you happy for a long time.