Feedback on working as a chat operator in a marriage agency

After working 10 days in several marriage agencies, I decided to stop doing it, now in order I will explain what is wrong with this seemingly wonderful job as a chat operator in a marriage agency, or as it is also called a translator.

Job Search

Find a job as a chat operator (interpreter) is not difficult, most of the vacancies for this position offers a site Work ua. All of them, in fact, working on the same scheme with minimal differences. The main thing they do not differ is the payment for your work, the schedule, the site where you will have to conduct correspondence with foreign men on behalf of the girl, the penalty of $ 10 to $ 500, a large amount of extra work in addition to correspondence and rude attitude towards you as an employee. Now it’s all in order, how it all began and how it ended.

I chose several marriage agencies whose job descriptions I liked the most, I began to try to contact them by their contacts, for some reason not all responded to my applications, but those who did worked under the same scheme.

First you call or write in messenger a girl operator, explains the essence of the work, asks about your English level, is there any experience in marriage agencies, do I understand what to do, what I want to work day or night, what are the rates for correspondence with foreigners. Then she sends your number further to the curator, he contacts you, tells you again about the work, in the end you agree on an internship from 3 to 7 days, depends on the rules of the agency. Since I have worked in several marriage agencies at once, I will try to combine the different experiences from this work in one article.


During your internship you are given a lot of information that is difficult to understand and you have to ask your administrator (supervisor) many additional questions, the answers to which will not help you much to understand what you have to do and why. The theory of how to work without clear examples.

Most of the time during and after the internship you will be told how to communicate with foreign men, what you can and cannot write, how to answer correctly, how to get rid of uncomfortable messages, what you should write to get a man to start a dialogue with you. If you think you know how to communicate with people, write interesting messages, forget it, you know nothing. Your supervisor will constantly say that everything you write is wrong, this works in normal life, and here it is completely different, he has many years in the agency and who are you to argue with him. For example, if you think that in a marriage agency you have to write messages about relationships, then the agent will say that this is all snot, this is how kids write, they won’t read such things. But if you write to a stranger, for example, “What color car do you like? That’s what you need. Although if you read the examples of how to write letters and messages, your brain will boil from this nonsense and contradictions from the fact that the examples are not what the curator tells you.

At the end of the training you will be asked to write an average of 5 letters of 700 characters and 10 invitations (invitations to chat) in about 6-15 words. Each administrator has a completely different requirement for the work you do separately from the correspondence with the men. This extra work can take you half a day.

Extra work during breaks

All supervisors have a strict requirement to write long letters to men on love or other topics every day from 700 characters. Questionnaire you will have not one, but 2-3, so letters to send through a bot or manually you have to prepare every day by the number of profiles and an additional 3 letters every day to manually send to specific men. Besides invitations to chat still need to write 5 pieces on each questionnaire for mailing.

All these letters and invites you need to send to the curator for checking, then for moderation, and send through the program to all men at the beginning of the working day.

The most important thing in letters, invites, communication with men, is that the information you sent once should never be repeated, otherwise you get a fine of $ 100. It is impossible to take from the Internet already prepared information, everything is checked.

Control of your work

When you start work at 06:00 for the day shift or 22:00 for the evening shift, you have to notify your bosses about your start time, write how much you earned yesterday, when you went for a break, when you came back, when you want a day off in the week, because from Friday to Sunday you cannot take a day off. The correspondence is controlled by both your supervisor and the site moderators.

Communicating with foreigners

Actually communication with foreigners you will have little, because you will be given as a new operator chats bad profiles mothers with a lot of children, such men on the site almost do not write, because their goal is not to raise other people’s children, and sexual entertainment with you. In their eyes, you are a pretty girl who can be impressed by the size of their purse, to invite them to their place to exchange their money for intimate pleasures with you at their first desire, they openly say so. Realizing that at their advanced age there can be no sincere relationship with a young beautiful girl, they want to get her fake love for money. Just as girls noodle on men’s ears, men exaggerate their financial capabilities and goals. Most often they are interested in intimate correspondence with girls on the site, their immodest fantasies make their eyes pop out, but if you play along and have an intimate dialogue, you will be fined or blocked. Without intimate correspondence you won’t earn anything, even a normal nice dialogue with a foreigner can abruptly switch to hardcore pornography.

When there’s no job

Men don’t want to text you? Then you need to text men yourself. You can write 10 interesting, unique messages to an unfamiliar man. If he doesn’t respond to one, you can’t write to him again until he writes to you himself. To attract men, you also need to do a mass mailing of pre-prepared new letters and messages in which content must be a question a man. You also have the opportunity to send a man two letters besides 10 messages, in a letter you tell their life story and attach photos and videos of girls from your profile. The main thing is not to forget about the uniqueness and interesting information sent, otherwise you will be fined.


Did not answer the message, mistakenly sent in Russian, the same message – the penalty of $ 10.

Wrote a contact, veiled messages of a sexual nature, sent the same photo 2 times, mistakenly send a man’s name, sent a letter, which has already been used once – the penalty is $ 50.

Anything that has to do with virtual sex, photos, videos, and all sorts of obscenities, the address of another site – fine of $ 100.

Wrote a message with the information which doesn’t correspond to that in the girl’s profile or gave her contacts – penalty $200.

Took a text from the Internet, from different profiles sent the same text – the penalty is $500.

Hard virtual sex – the penalty is $ 1000.

How much you will be paid

You will get 45% of the amounts I will write below.

Message from a man (some write 1 minute of communication) – $0.11

Sticker – $0.275

Read letter, photo, video $0.55

Letter from a man $1.65

A man watching a video in a chat or letter $2.75.

The maximum I managed to earn $ 9 dollars a day, for 10 days I earned about $ 60, but have not received, the payment was promised at the end of the next month. More than 10 days I could not withstand the same tin, so do not regret that I left without getting what I earned. Thanks to the fact that 1 questionnaire got a good and veiled intimate correspondence. The rest of the questionnaires and 2 dollars a day did not bring. Payment I have never received, so I can not say it paid or not earned. Earn this way you can, but it is very difficult, you have to write tons of unique text, come up with interesting topics for discussion with different people, re-read correspondence. One wrong message and the customer may never write to you again.

Remember! You will not be constantly writing to men, you will be writing to them, trying to get their attention.

Although marriage agencies skillfully hide their illegal activities from prying eyes, do not forget, your work is illegal, and you are an accomplice to the crime, you can not sleep peacefully, all the money you earned will not help you in prison.

All agencies are working only on 1 site (they will tell you that they work with many)

Try to go to him, get an error, you will not get there without a VPN, and if you get there, you will see a white page with the fields for username and password input, no registration, information about the site does not exist. It is created only for diverting eyes. To enter you will be through and here’s a miracle two sites and the inside are identical, the second you have no problem to go to any ip. If you stop cooperating with the agency, all your correspondence, access, what you earned will disappear for 1 minute. Before you start cooperating, your supervisor at any agency will ask you to send the first page of your passport. You will be told that the best employees they earn 1.5-2 thousand dollars a month, to mislead you by imitating that it’s all true, in fact it is unlikely. Let’s do the math together, how much per day you need to get messages from men to make $2,000 a month. 2000/22 working days of 8 hours = $91 a day / 0.055 (the price of a message from a man) = 1654 messages per day/8 hour work day = 207 messages per hour. You’ll at least need to send a man that much, with each response consisting of 8 unique words that you haven’t written to anyone before.

Don’t expect they will give you good profiles and men will be the first to write to you, your curator is afraid you will spoil good profiles because of your inexperience, and you won’t earn anything from bad ones. Even if you get a good profile, your curator can take it away from you at any moment if you don’t behave obediently.

The cost of correspondence for men

20 credits costs $3. 2 credits per message in the chat room. That is, to write you a foreigner must spend $ 0.15.

The agency gets 30% of the money they spend, and you also get $0.05.


The work of an operator in a marriage agency or an interpreter is a fraud. You will pretend to be someone you are not in order to swindle money from gullible people in other countries. You will promise them to come, or accept them when they come to your country, give them hope that you will be there, make plans that won’t come true, hint at gifts, open your photos and videos for money. The owners of the foreign site, the marriage agencies that work with them on partnership terms with a share of 30%, the model under whose profile you will work, and you as the performer.