Feeding your passion: the best aphrodisiac foods

Tasting, licking, devouring, satiating… The set of words describing the intimate details of a passionate love encounter often overlaps with the lexicon of a foodie. Not surprisingly, food and sex are closely related, and some foods serve as the perfect spice for lovemaking.

The Spanish fly, the tiger testicles, the rhinoceros horn… These bizarre and exotic aphrodisiacs have remained in the past: they have been replaced by oysters, ginger and chocolate. And even if modern substances that stimulate sexual desire do not have a halo of magic and mystery any more, but they are much more effective and much safer.

Meanwhile, many of us tend to be skeptical of so-called love catalysts contained in foodstuffs, as pure fantasy. “And in vain,” says nutritionist Alexei Resnenko. – Because the effects of certain substances on sexual functions are confirmed by scientific studies. Scientists have found that some products are capable not only of stimulating or suppressing our libido, but also, by changing body aroma, skin color, eye shine, attract potential partners.”

So, an aphrodisiac is a product, drink or scent that can make a man passionate and romantic and a woman tender and desirable. In any culture at all times, these products had a special place. Not having yet a scientific explanation, but knowing about this effect, connoisseurs and connoisseurs of eroticism and sex have always looked for products that awaken, maintain or increase the desire.

What is the secret of an aphrodisiac? “In special chemical compounds that stimulate the departments of the nervous system responsible for sexual desire, enhance the endocrine glands and relax the body, preparing it for physical contact,” explains Alex Resnenko.

The erotic menu includes a variety of products. Among them can be quite unusual and exotic (yohimbe bark, durian, truffles, snails), and quite familiar – parsley, celery, green salad, seafood, strawberries, bananas, saffron, honey, nuts and even potatoes. And also a glass of wine or champagne…

What Undermines Our Love?

“The habit of accompanying an intimate encounter with the intake of alcohol can be a trap,” says nutritionist Alexei Resnenko. – In small doses (no more than two glasses of wine or a glass of champagne) it stimulates blood circulation, relaxes and brings partners closer together. There is a feeling of warmth and dizziness, which suits the intimate setting perfectly. But in large quantities alcohol makes sex impossible.

For men, chronic alcohol abuse leads to erectile dysfunction and sometimes to impotence. Also, excessive food rich in aphrodisiacs is not good for lovers. A large amount of it causes a surge of blood to the digestive organs, reducing for a time the blood supply to other organs, including the brain (which regulates sexual behavior) and the genitals.

Vitamins and minerals – to keep you toned up

No biochemical process in the body can do without these substances, including the synthesis of sex hormones and endorphins, the pleasure hormones. Many vitamins and minerals are found in the most common foods in our daily diet: leafy greens, grains, meat, and eggs.

Vitamin B3, more fun

Vitamin B3 is essential for converting food into energy. But beyond that, it increases our sensitivity and speeds up sexual arousal. Vitamin B3 can be found in whole grains (wheat, rice, etc.), egg yolk, fish, dried legumes, sprouted wheat.

Vitamin B6 – more desire

Vitamin B6 is a key link in the chain of processing amino acids – substances that form proteins and some hormones. This vitamin increases sexual appetite. It can be found in beans, lentils, liver, kidneys, bananas, and cauliflower.

Vitamin E – sexual longevity

Vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidants known. It protects cell structures from the damaging effects of free radicals and inhibits premature aging. Vitamin E deficiency leads to decreased sex drive in women and men. It is found in nuts, vegetable oils, avocados.

More zinc – more sex

Zinc is useful first of all for men: it is necessary for the normal functioning of the prostate and the synthesis of male sex hormones. So if the body lacks zinc, goodbye testosterone, sperm and spermatozoa! The best sources of zinc of animal origin are seafood (at the top of the list, of course, are oysters), poultry, and eggs.

Protein and fat – for future victories

Fats and proteins are essential nutrients that keep our bodies alive. But they take time to digest. “That’s why it is better to postpone a thorough, full dinner for a time when passions have subsided, and before sex be satisfied with light snacks, such as ice cream, berries, fruit desserts, a piece of cake or a cake: carbohydrates quickly restore strength and do not burden the stomach, – recommends Alexey Resnenko. – If you consider a small feast as an integral part of the romantic evening, choose a light protein dish – mineral-rich seafood combined with vegetable salad and fruits.

Olive oil for the full experience

The basis of the Mediterranean cuisine, olive oil, lowers the amount of cholesterol in the blood, thus improving blood circulation. This is very important for sexual enjoyment: a good blood supply to the genitals, both male and female, is necessary for the fullness of feelings.

Spices to start off with

If you use a spice that warms up the blood, such as ginger, red hot pepper or cloves. They dilate blood vessels and facilitate the flow of blood, which helps to quickly come to an active state.

Dark chocolate is for excitement

“The cocktail of beneficial substances contained in bitter chocolate (theobromine, caffeine, phenylethylamine, flavonoids) accelerates blood flow, prevents the formation of blood clots, relieves pain and prevents the formation of free radicals,” says Alex Resnenko. – Moreover, chocolate improves your mood and is a great relaxing tool, which is why it is considered one of the most suitable products for romantic dinners.

Bananas are good for your energy

They are rich in sugars and quickly satisfy the hunger that can distract from a more important activity. They also contain potassium, without which muscle contractions, including heart function, are impossible.

Strawberries are for beauty

Its aroma creates a pleasant atmosphere and increases libido. Sugars provide cells with energy, and fruit acids normalize metabolic processes.