Female and male piercings

Modern beauty has no definite standards at all. Freedom of self-expression and love of one’s own appearance is in vogue now. Whether or not to accept what nature has given us is everyone’s own business. But sometimes to create some kind of completeness in the image there is not enough little detail. Now I’m referring to piercings. Making extra holes in yourself became fashionable in the last century, but now they are at the peak of popularity. And I don’t mean only the young and the early generation. Grown-up people are often also not afraid of such an amusing self-decoration. However, the piercing is a rather complicated theme. It has a lot of varieties and nuances, with which it is advisable to get acquainted before trusting your body to a “sadistic master”. So, a little guide to painful beauty.

Not all piercing wearers got piercings to stand out from the crowd or to demonstrate their courage and independence to everyone around them. I don’t think anyone purposely intended to shock their parents, either, although most representatives of the Soviet Union are extremely categorical on this issue. Surely you’ve also heard the cherished phrase “get your eye pierced” more than once. By the way, jumping ahead a bit, I’ll tell you that especially resourceful fellows followed this advice. Piercings are quite a specific decoration of the human body, as a rule, associated with painful sensations. But sometimes they are forced to repeatedly pound the doorstep of the beloved master. It is amazing, but the pain during the procedure, as well as the feelings during the period of healing so strongly influence the subconsciousness, that the body literally demands to repeat everything. By the way, it works the same way with tattoos. It can be very difficult to stop. With the help of a properly performed piercing, it is even possible to spot-correct the appearance and eliminate some defects. As an example, I’ll reveal a little bit of my personal experience card. Since childhood, I was mercilessly spelling and, despite all the efforts of parents and speech therapists, diligently mutilated the unfortunate letter “p”. At a certain point I realized that I couldn’t live without tongue piercing. I want it right here and now. What was my sincere surprise when after a complete healing of my tongue piercing, I started to get a lot less.

Nor should you dismiss the urge for new experiences. Curiosity is one of the obligatory traits of every human being. And don’t say that you’ve never wondered how they live there with all the iron gadgets in all the places. And both female and male piercings have one significant advantage: it can always be removed, and the piercing in most cases heals almost without a trace. So to speak, tried it, didn’t like it (well, or my mother poured a belt), returned everything as it was.

Speaking of parents. A colleague of mine decided that at forty he had finally grown up and dared to realize his long-held dream of getting his eyebrow pierced. A respectable guy with a wife, two kids, a dog, and a tie. Well, he wanted to and did it. The next day somberly told how his mother half the night wet rag on the house chased. By the way, she caught up with him. So age is not a hindrance to anything. Another reason why people allow themselves to be stabbed with needles is the exacerbation of feelings and sensations. Here I am referring to the intimate piercing, about which sometimes shy to talk even experienced piercing wearers. A master with experience will be able to put a decoration so that with a certain stimulation it will bring a person simply tremendous sensations. Especially this kind of piercing is popular among girls. Many ladies with whom I talked, claimed that the nipple or clitoral upgrade just gave them back the joy of intimacy. The same is true for the stronger half of humanity. Not all guys dare to do this kind of beauty on their “pride, honor and dignity” purely for argument’s sake. Sometimes a properly chosen jewelry can give your partner an unearthly pleasure and multiple orgasms. The main thing is to twirl the ball tightly before the lovemaking, so that you do not have to catch it later from the girl magnet.

Women’s and men’s piercings: varieties If you have been maturing a plan to make some body modification for a long time, here is a list of the most popular piercings, which can be performed by almost any qualified master: ears (industrial, tragus, lobe, helix straight and reverse, ruuk, orbital, deis); lips and mouth (labret classic and vertical, jellyfish, monroe, ashley, vertical and horizontal tongue piercing, frenulum, cheek piercing, smiley and anti-smiley); nose (bridge, nostril piercing, septum, septril); female intimate area (nipples, clitoris, frenulum, labia); male genital piercings (Prince Albert, ampallang, lorum, frenum, dido, haphada); eyebrow (vertical and horizontal piercing) navel (piercing the lower and upper crease, a combination of several options); flat piercing (can be located on any part of the body); play piercing (decorative jewelry installed for a time, because for permanent wear is often not intended); Microdermals (a later type of bodymodification in which the skin is not just pierced, but a tiny piece is cut out with a special tool to install the “anchor” and to put the jewelry on). If you’re not already sick of all the incomprehensible terminology, let’s deal in detail, what is pierced and how. Honestly, I sometimes marvel at human imagination and courage.

The most popular place for piercing is, of course, the ear. The name of the piercing directly depends on the location of the jewelry. In fact, the easiest place to pierce is the lobe. This is the only option when you can use a special tool – a cosmetic “gun”. As soon as it comes to the piercing of the cartilage, such “instruments of torture” should be abandoned. Otherwise, the tool can seriously damage the cartilage by crushing its inner part. This will later cause suppuration, swelling, and a keloid scar that deforms the ear. If you have made an appointment for cartilage piercing, and the master says that it is safe to do such piercing with a “gun”, run away from this “pro” before you say goodbye to your ear. A good specialist will never suggest such a thing, as he is well acquainted with the consequences. Even if a friend has already had this procedure done, and everything healed fine, it is better not to take the risk. It’s more of an isolated incident than a pattern. You don’t want to walk around with an ear like a boxer who won a whole series of brutal fights, do you?

Such piercings heal in different ways. The lobe will not cause much discomfort. With proper care, the canal is formed after a month. During this time, you can painlessly change the jewelry. But with cartilage, the case is much more complicated. The puncture can heal from six months to a year and a half. And from time to time such a piece of jewelry may well become inflamed in an even place and bother you while you sleep. Try not to disturb the jewelry, not to scroll it, keep the ear warm. Any frostbite threatens to cause an abscess and pus.

Be sure to follow all of the master’s recommendations. Treat exactly with the remedies he recommended. Do not use alcohol and perfume to heal the puncture, otherwise the result will be disastrous. Before the “acupuncture” session you should not take alcohol, even if you are panic-stricken. Otherwise you may start bleeding. Also, alcohol contributes to increased sensitivity. If you don’t want to squeal during the procedure like a hamster squished by a chair, get a good night’s sleep beforehand, rest and take a couple of days to be sober. When putting jewelry in your mouth, think about the health of your teeth. Incorrectly made puncture or too long jewelry will lead to damage to the enamel. Rinse your mouth frequently with Miramistin or Chlorhexidine. These products reduce the risk of pathogenic bacteria entering the wound, of which there are plenty on any mucosa. By the way, no matter how I healed my labret (placed under the lower lip), the puncture occasionally got a little soggy and seemed fresh. Such a problem is actual for mouth piercings. And even the flat part of the jewelry, which was on the inside of the lip, still rubbed against the front teeth. You understand yourself, such impact can not be called positive. Tongue piercing is considered one of the easiest to heal. In as little as a week, all discomfort will disappear and the canal will be fully formed. If you pull the “rod” out of a fresh puncture, you may not find a hole in an hour. When piercing the tongue, refuse injectable anesthesia. This procedure is much more painful than the piercing itself. For healing, use a long ornament, so that there is no swelling when there is a slight swelling (this is absolutely normal). In the future, the “rod” can be changed to a shorter one, so that it does not rub against the teeth.

Horizontal tongue piercing is an unusual and not very common thing. It is worth to decide on it only if you are already an experienced connoisseur of such beauty. This is a very painful and complex procedure, which only a professional master will undertake. But the healed result looks fantastic. By the way, if you dared to pierce your tongue with the purpose to please your girlfriend in bed, choose a vertical piercing. It is he, according to most girls, is an assistant in the oral caresses (well, not all men get high, right). If a single piercing no longer causes ecstasy, put several “rods” in your tongue at once. They can be placed lengthwise or crosswise. The second option is preferable, because it is extremely undesirable to touch the tip area. There is a risk of losing the sensitivity of the receptors. When transverse multiple tongue piercings, the master must “aim” very carefully. If the hyoid vein is pierced, you and the piercer will feel bad. Cheek piercing looks cute and adds charming dimples to the image. But heal such a beauty is very problematic. Many people, suffering for a year, remove the jewelry, in place of which remain small round scars. By the way, the dimples will not go anywhere else. Nose piercing also at one time became extremely popular among girls and men. Most often, the nostril is pierced from the side and an ornament-nail is inserted there. For a more daring variant, the ring is better suited, but it can be used only after a complete healing. Immediately insert such an ornament is not recommended.

A bridge is a flat puncture on the bridge of the nose. It heals a little worse, as there is a risk of placing an anatomically unsuitable decoration. But it looks very original and attracts a lot of attention. The septum piercing is often called “bull’s eye” because it resembles a bull’s nose ring (hello, grannies on the bench near the porch, discussing all the passing people). But now there are a lot of charming options for jewelry, turning this kind of piercing in a masterpiece. Most often they use not a ring, but a clicker, which has a base like a “barbell”. It sits comfortably in the nose and does not interfere with everyday wear.

All of the above points are included in the unisex style. It is both female and male piercings, as anyone can pierce his ears, lips, eyebrow. And the next point is already more interesting.

Well, I’m ready to get to the most exciting part. Intimate piercings are a kind of cherry on the cake. No one sees it except a chosen few, so the piercing is a real hidden surprise. To fulfill such a wish of the client, the master must have a good understanding of anatomy. Not all types of piercings are relevant for every person. For example, the female piercing with the charming name “kristina”. The lower part of the decoration passes through the hood of the clitoris, and the upper part remains in the pubis. It looks very original and delicate. But due to the peculiarities of the individual structure of the external genitalia is not suitable for every girl. A vertical piercing of the clitoral hood is considered more universal. To heal intimate piercings it is necessary to pay special attention, because this area is the accumulation of a huge number of bacteria. It is necessary to perform hygienic procedures as often as possible, wash the piercing with special products and exclude careless handling during sexual intercourse. While the wound is fresh, it is better to confine ourselves to platonic love (for the sake of such a beauty we can tolerate a couple of weeks). Men most often perform the piercing “Prince Albert”. This is a vertical piercing of the head of the penis. Don’t wrinkle and faint, it doesn’t hurt bad enough to die on the spot. This kind of piercing, along with a well-chosen piece of jewelry, creates extra stimulation during sex. It also makes the glans less sensitive, which significantly affects the duration of intercourse. Tempting, isn’t it? In general, there are a lot of places on your “buddy” for the installation of various decorations. For example, a bridle or a base. Many lucky owners of such piercings say that girls like to play with his tongue, which gives a particularly keen sensation to both of them. And in everyday life, such piercings do not interfere and do not cause discomfort. Of course, if you entrusted yourself to a professional, not a novice piercer, who first took in the hands of a man’s economy. Such comrades should be avoided if you still value your personal life.

Flat piercings are installed on any surface. Its name speaks for itself. This kind of piercing requires a special decoration, curved on the sides. A simple “bar” in this case is not suitable, as it will create tension on the skin around the piercing. As a result, the piercing will simply tear away, and in its place will remain an ugly scar. Be sure to check the skill of the master in such a case before you sign up for the procedure. Play piercing is a separate kind of piercing in general. Such beauty does for a while, as it has no function in everyday life and is constantly festering. Usually, play-peercing is used for themed photo shoots, festivals, as well as role-playing by lovers of “hotter”. The most popular variety is the corset. On the waist, thighs or calves there are several parallel piercings through which a ribbon or a thin chain is passed. The whole thing ends up looking like a laced corset. It is very easy to damage or tear the ring “with meat”, so be careful with this kind of informal beauty. And it is both female and male piercings. Play, as they say, no one is forbidden.

Tips and recommendations for piercing Of course, there are some very important nuances that must be observed in order for the jewelry to serve you faithfully until you want to get rid of it yourself. I share my own practical experience: The first piercing jewelry should be made of surgical steel or implantable titanium. These metals do not react with the flesh and will allow the canal to form quickly. Gold and silver can be placed only in a fully healed puncture. And you need to make sure that there is no allergic reaction. Otherwise, the jewelry will have to be taken out immediately. Do not put earrings-poussets (carnations) in the freshly pierced lobe or ear cartilage. Their lock does not allow air to circulate normally, which will promote suppuration and delay the process of tissue regeneration. For the piercing of the wing of the nose, only a special decoration “nostril” is suitable. It has a twisted smooth base, tight to the inside of the nostril. In no case do not put there an ordinary earring-nail, or scratch all over the mucosa. If it became necessary to change the ornament in a fresh piercing (to remove the old and insert a new one), be sure to ask for help from your master. He will do it quickly, competently and painlessly. Don’t skimp on the services of experienced piercers. Signing up for the procedure to the master, whose practice is limited to, work in a cosmetic salon, you greatly risk your appearance and health. As a rule, such specialists can qualitatively perform only the simplest piercing lobe. Microdermals need to be cleaned regularly, so that secretions do not accumulate under the skin and do not form festering. Entrust this procedure to your handyman and don’t pick the jewelry yourself. Any female or male piercing is a trauma to the body. After the procedure, do not visit the sauna or the bath for some time, limit physical activity and avoid hypothermia of the area with a piercing. Also, you should not do piercings just before a trip to the sea.

What else can I say? Don’t be afraid to be original and follow your desires. Piercings are not just a tribute to fashion or beauty, but a whole culture with its own personal history and traditions. Follow your feelings, choose individual piercing options. Sometimes such jewelry allows you to find harmony and balance your inner world with your outer shell. Good luck to all who love themselves and are not afraid to seem strange, I’m with you!