Fish diet

Fish diet

A fish diet is a balanced diet system based on fish and vegetables. These products are rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids and proteins essential for human health. But at the same time, fish and vegetable dishes are delicious and nutritious. That’s why it’s easy to stick to a healthy diet: you don’t limit yourself to anything, on the contrary – you get the best products. The body does not lack animal protein and polyunsaturated acids, getting them from fish. But it also does not lack carbohydrates – vegetables are their source.

A diet of fish for weight loss is more effective than the strictest food restrictions, and it has few contraindications, which is not to say about ketodiet and other radical ways of weight loss. This diet does not create stress for the body, so the pounds lost on a fish diet are not returned after a while.

The benefits of a fish diet

The transition to a balanced diet with a fish and vegetable base helps to improve health:

to normalize weight;

strengthen muscles and bones;

to improve hair, nails and skin condition;

normalize the immune and endocrine systems;

strengthen the immune system and forget about seasonal colds and infections;

improve the tone of blood vessels and heart function;

stimulate memory and brain function;

to improve daily well-being.

Advantages and disadvantages of the fish diet

A fish diet is delicious and healthy, it has many advantages:

It improves the condition of blood vessels and heart, so you feel better, prevent many health problems.

It normalizes the digestive system, so you stop worrying about digestive disorders and abdominal pain.

Increases the general tone of the body, so in the mornings and throughout the day you feel cheerful.

Improves the appearance, because a fish diet is unusually useful for hair, nails and skin.

It does not deplete the body, on the contrary: it gets all the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

Does not cause a desire to break down and eat snacks, unhealthy food, because the dishes are not only healthy, but also delicious.

There are few drawbacks to this diet. There are not so many contraindications to it, so the only significant disadvantage that can be mentioned – the constant fish in the diet for several months can get tired, despite the variety of the menu.

Diet Policy

In order for a fish diet to be effective and useful, its basic principles must be followed. Fortunately, they are uncomplicated and easy to follow.

Which fish to choose

Product quality is alpha and omega when it comes to health and weight loss. So choose fresh and chilled sea, ocean fish. It has the most beneficial substances. If you buy frozen food, try to pick up fish that has been frozen without ice glazing. Give preference to whole carcasses rather than steaks and fillets.

How to Cook Fish

During the fish weight loss diet, salted and dried fish, as well as smoked, dried, canned and fried in a pan are excluded from the menu. All these treatments make the product caloric and saturate it with a percussive amount of salt. You should bake fish in the oven, stew, cook or steam.

Drinking mode

Water is one of the important conditions for any diet. Doctors recommend drinking purified or mineral water without gas. Drink as you need it as soon as you feel thirsty or dry in your mouth. You should not intentionally drink more water than you want, because someone on the Internet has written that 2 litres per day is the minimum required. That’s a myth that came out of the distortion of scientific data. An adult does indeed consume about 2 liters of water per day, but that’s considering the water contained in food (and it is contained in most foods). But soda, fruit juices, sweet drinks from the shop shelf are better to be abandoned. You should also exclude or limit alcohol and coffee in your diet as much as possible. Tea is better to drink unsweetened.

Vegetables and cereals

Starch-containing foods will have to be eliminated from the diet. These include white rice, corn and potatoes. Not only are they caloric, but they are also poorly digested in combination with fish. White, yellow, green and purple vegetables can be eaten without restrictions, but it is better to cook them with a minimum amount of vegetable oil. Oatmeal, buckwheat, perlovka, flax and thistle can also be included in the menu. Snacks are healthy with dried fruit or fresh fruit.

Flavours, spices and spices

A diet of fish for slimming does not require the exclusion of spices and sauces, but it is important to limit consumption of sugar and salt.


In order to improve health, improve well-being and lose excess weight, it is important not only to choose and prepare products competently, but also to stick to a certain diet. Try to eat breakfast as the main meal and eat the most calorific foods in the morning. It is desirable that the diet be systematic, at equal intervals. It may be difficult for you to completely restructure your fish diet. In this case, to keep your body toned, resort to a fish diet every two months.

Fish Diet Menu

One of the reasons many people find it difficult to switch to a healthy diet is because they want to change their eating habits instantly. But an organism that is used to a certain menu will have a hard time accepting a sudden change in diet. It is therefore much more effective to switch to a healthy diet gradually, alternating periods of balanced diet for weight loss with your regular diet. We can offer several menu options for periods of different durations.

For 3 days

For breakfast, for example, you will eat a soaked egg, natural unsweetened yogurt, cottage cheese and green tea. During lunch, you’ll have some perch and fresh fruit. For lunch – boiled fish, fresh vegetable salad with yogurt. The same as for lunch – during dinner, but with the addition of brown rice. Before bedtime, you can drink kefir.

For four days

If the diet lasts longer than three days, tear down the variety with non-fat fish broths and grilled vegetables.

For 7 days

When the diet lasts a week, you can lose 3-4 kg. To ensure that both diet and weight loss are not a burden, include in the menu for a week vegetable soups, baked salmon steak, rye bread, grilled pollock, sandwiches with caviar. Stewed cabbage is a good lunch option, and for dinner you can prepare mussels or shrimps plus salad.

For 10 days

You can lose up to 5 kg on a diet in 10 days. To do this, include dishes such as seafood with stewed vegetables, pollock or salmon, baked in foil, grilled squid. Try to diversify the recipes for salads, cereals and vegetable dishes so that they do not eat up.

For 14 days

A 10 kg fish weight loss diet is usually for 2 weeks or even longer. If you fundamentally lose 10 kilos during this period, you will have to completely give up fruit juices, carbonated beverages, alcohol, white flour, coffee and cocoa. Instead of sweets, you will have to spoil yourself with fresh fruit: kiwi, oranges, grapefruit. It is also important that you eat 5 times a day: besides breakfast, lunch and dinner you will need two snacks. Eat in small portions.

Fish Diet varieties

You can choose the most attractive fish diet option for you as it allows for variety.

Fish and Vegetable

It is assumed that for 14 days you will eat only fish, seafood, vegetables and fruits. An effective way to lose weight, but as a longer version of the diet is not suitable.

On canned fish

Usually canned fish is recommended to be excluded from the menu, but non-fat fish varieties are good even with this method of processing and storage. In this way, you can add tinned soups and salads to your diet.

Eves Longoria

Beautiful actress assures that to remain slender it helps fish diet: for 7 days should eat boiled or steamed perch, salmon, pollock and vegetables. They can be seasoned only with lemon juice, salt actress advises to exclude. This option is only for 7 days, eating so much longer is harmful. However, to get out of this diet for weight loss it is necessary gradually.

Fish and Meat

It can be difficult to give up meat, so you can diversify your diet through a filet of chicken steamed or grilled.

Victoria Beckham

The star is famous for its slender figure. Victoria herself claims to use a diet based on sashimi for weight loss. It’s a national Japanese dish with thinly sliced fish fillet.

For diabetics

It is dangerous for people with diabetes to experiment with the diet, but doctors also recommend controlling weight. Therefore, diabetics should always eat 5 times a day, maintaining stable glucose levels. Fish diets are suitable for them, but it is important to focus on bread units rather than calories.

Julia Roberts

For the actress, an American nutritionist has developed a special diet so that she could easily lose a couple or three pounds. The main product in this diet is salmon, but you can also eat boiled chicken fillet, fresh salad with olive oil, nuts and fruits.

Contraindications to a fish diet

Hypersensitivity to food.

Period of child bearing and breastfeeding.

Acute or chronic liver and kidney diseases.

Delicious and healthy recipes

To achieve a result in the form of normalization of weight, you do not need to torture yourself with dishes that are known not to like. Useful food should be tasty, then there will be no temptation to eat it with a hamburger or pizza. Experiment with dishes: you can cook casseroles, fish soups, bake cod or salmon in the oven with tomatoes, carrots and cheese, make steam cutlets.

Fish diet results

The main result of this diet is good health and weight normalization. Is it worth switching to the described nutrition scheme on a permanent basis? It is possible, especially if you want to give up meat. However, a regular diet should be varied and nutritious.

Feedback from

Some women write that they lost up to 8 kg on the fish diet in a week, but this is only possible with active sports. Also note: many complain that the fish is bored during the weight loss, to this should be prepared.

Fish diet, like any other balanced menu, requires a change in eating habits, and in addition – time. In order to master new recipes, pick up products and make a menu, you need to cut the time. Because of this, active, busy people often postpone the transition to a balanced diet, because they just do not have time to calculate calories, look for food. But with BeFit’s fish diet you don’t have to think about what to eat on a diet! We provide you with ready-made meals for every day: not only healthy, but also tasty. Our menu is varied and nourishing, so there is no temptation to intercept fast food on the move. Choose healthy food!