Fitness bracelets rating 2020: the best models for men and women

Our Fitness Bracelet Rating 2020 will help you choose a good gadget for monitoring activity and health day and night.

To help you choose the best fitness bracelet, we have collected a new rating for 2020. These gadgets will help you get in shape and keep track of your shape.

Fitness Bracelet: Which one to choose the best

Over the past couple of years, fitness bracelets have gained real popularity – the choice of these accessories has become significantly more, their functionality has increased, and the price has become more affordable. The bracelets are much closer to smart watches – top models are able to receive notifications from a smartphone, support various types of sports activities and are equipped with GPS to track the user’s movement.

To choose a good fitness bracelet, there are several important points to consider. First, decide whether you need it for running, swimming or simply to monitor sleep and activity during the day. Or maybe to replace your smartphone when it’s not at your fingertips? Depending on this, pay attention to models with advanced sports features, waterproofing and the ability to display notifications from your phone. Second, limit your budget – there is a choice among Xiaomi, Honor and Huawei models. More expensive and advanced devices you will find at Garmin, Samsung and Fitbit.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

If you are looking for an inexpensive fitness bracelet, the top of the best will definitely take over from Xiaomi. Mi Band 4, which was released in 2019, kept all the best from Band 3 and got a couple of its chips. The bracelet has a bright color AMOLED display, which is convenient to view notifications of incoming calls and messages, and a very durable battery that can last up to 20 days without recharging. Band 4 supports sleep monitoring and an alarm clock and can work with smartphones on iOS and Android, connecting via Bluetooth 5.0. A large selection of removable straps will allow you to design a bracelet for your taste.

The model is also suitable for swimming – Band 4 is water resistant to dives to a depth of 50 meters, recognizes the 5 styles of swimming and takes into account 12 types of data, including pace and number of paddles. Other sports in which the bracelet will be your personal trainer include walking, running, cycling and rope exercises. For all activities, the device takes into account the heart rate, pace and number of calories burned. If you sit still, the gadget will remind you of the warm-up.

In May 2020 Xiaomi introduced an updated version of Band 4 with support for contactless NFC payments. It can also be used to pay for fare on public transport. Bank cards for this purpose are added through the Mi Fit application. The model with support for NFC costs a little more expensive than the basic Mi Band 4 – from June 16, the bracelet can be bought for 3990 rubles.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

The legendary “meband” of the past years is still relevant: in the third generation, the Chinese managed to squeeze a huge number of functions, while maintaining the price below 2,000 rubles. This is a small gadget that weighs only 20 grams and can hardly be felt on the hand. The bracelet is equipped with a monochrome touch screen OLED display with a diagonal of 0.78 inches. The device pairs with your phone via Bluetooth and can work with gadgets based on Android 4.4 / iOS 9 and above.

Mi Band 3 is IP68 waterproof – it is suitable for swimming without diving and can easily survive the shower. The bracelet can serve as an alarm clock and pedometer, can monitor the quality of sleep, calories and heart rate. The gadget connected to the phone will notify you of SMS, mail, Facebook and Twitter notifications and incoming calls, allowing you to reject unwanted calls.

Huawei Band 4

The bracelet of the same name from Huawei also works with smartphones on Android and iOS 9 – but the most convenient way to connect it to the gadgets of Huawei and Honor. Bracelet knows how to display the notifications from your smartphone about incoming calls, SMS and messages in the mail and messengers – to answer them, unfortunately, can not. There is also a pulsometer with the ability to continuously measure the heart rate – all data on the results are available in the application of the manufacturer.

The bracelet has a color LCD screen with a diagonal of 0.96 inches, which is convenient to view the notifications. The Band 4 also features an advanced sleep monitoring system. The bracelet can detect the six most common sleep problems and provide recommendations to improve your rest and wake up easily.

Huawei Band 4 also has a Pro version: the older model is equipped with GPS and can monitor your route while running, and has a slightly larger OLED screen. In this case, Band 4 Pro is 1000 rubles more expensive: 3500 instead of 2500.

Garmin Vivosport

Vivosport offers excellent opportunities for monitoring activity while running. The device’s advanced feature is GPS support, which gives you the ability to track your running and bicycle routes without having to use your phone. In addition, the bracelet has a VO2 max calculation function – very useful information for runners. It is a measurement of the amount of oxygen that can be absorbed by the lungs, which determines the level of running preparation.

In addition, the bracelet monitors the body’s stress levels and commands when to stop and rest optimally. In order not to be distracted by anything while running, you can remotely control your smartphone player if you like to listen to music in wireless headphones.

Runner users note the pedometer accuracy of the device. The design of the bracelet is bright, youthful, and will fit any young person or girl.

Honor Band 5

Fitness bracelet Honor Band 5 is perfect for all types of swimming – the model is protected from water by IP68 and can withstand diving to a depth of 50 meters. Compared to the previous version, Band 5 has more training modes – this is sure to be appreciated by sports fans who need something more than a pedometer on the arm. The device also supports continuous heart rate measurement, so you can study the workout process in detail. When swimming, the bracelet also calculates the duration of the swim and the number of calories burned. During the race, the gadget measures distance, average speed and energy spent.

The bracelet has a small monochrome screen and a comfortable strap that can be changed. At full load – with sleep measurement and constant monitoring of heart rate – the gadget will work on one charge for about 7 days. You can read more about Huawei Band 5 in our review.

Galaxy Fit e

Galaxy Fit e – a gadget for fitness from Samsung, which can track three types of activity in automatic mode: walking, running and dynamic loads. The bracelet continuously measures your heart rate and helps you adjust the intensity of your workouts in real time. The model also has a sleep monitoring function – the device monitors the three phases and records data on the quality of sleep in the Samsung Health application.

Fit e has a waterproof to 50 meters and is suitable for water sports. The model works only with smartphones on Android, but supports Bluetooth 5.0 and the whole week can work without recharging.

Also Samsung has a more advanced model Galaxy Fit – it costs almost twice as much as Fit, but offers a couple of interesting chips. For example, stress level control, viewing incoming notifications from your smartphone, AMOLED screen with a diagonal of 0.95 instead of 0.74 inches and a more powerful battery.

Fitbit Charge 3

The bracelet by American manufacturer Fitbit is suitable for fitness activities, jogging and swimming. The gadget supports all popular systems: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, OS X. The monochrome OLED-display shows notifications about SMS, mail, events in the calendar, Facebook and Twitter. The device helps you monitor your health by monitoring your blood oxygen level, heart rate and activity rate.

As stress increases, the gadget will offer breathing exercises to help you relax. A nice bonus model – in pairing with the Android smartphone on the bracelet available quick answers to messages. Another advantage of the bracelet is the design: graphite-black or silver-pink, it will suit both men and women. Water protection at the WR50 level (shower, swimming in the pool) makes it suitable for all sports, and scratch-resistant glass will not break the touch screen at workout. Two interchangeable strap sizes S and L are included, allowing you to choose the size.

Garmin Vivosmart 4

If you don’t want to save money on buying a fitness bracelet, pay attention to the Garmin Vivosmart 4 model. By its functionality, the gadget can compete with many smart clocks. The bracelet has a proprietary Move IQ function that automatically detects what kind of sports activity you are doing, and TrueUp data synchronization – if you use more than one fitness monitoring device.

The silicone 48×128 Touch Screen OLED bracelet is well protected from moisture and sweat during your workout, and the elegant design in moderate colors will fit both floors. The bracelet is available in two sizes, male and female, with adjustable straps for both.

In addition to the standard pedometer and pulsometer, there is an advanced sleep monitoring that takes into account changes in blood oxygen levels using the Pulse Ox sensor, special timers for different types of training (yoga, walking, running, swimming, etc.), a program to monitor the level of stress and breathing exercises. The device can help to schedule the week’s training and analyze the load of the last few days. The bracelet itself will calculate how many steps you have to take on a given day and take into account all your activities – including climbing stairs, intensive training and running.

Wearfit F1

This is one of the best fitness bracelets with pressure measurement. Wearfit F1 – A fitness bracelet is not only an assistant in sports, but also a medical device that allows you to monitor your heart and, for some time, to measure your blood pressure. The device will be useful only for athletes, but also for those who are forced to monitor their health and need to constantly measure their blood pressure.

If after the March festivities, the blood pressure is tampered with, the bracelet will help to track it – the differences with the tonometer are small, about plus or minus 3 divisions at rest, at high blood pressure – a little more.

The technology of measuring pressure and ECG with the help of a fitness bracelet is not yet very well established – it is still to be set up and adjusted. But the data provided by the program is still enough to notice a dangerous fluctuation in time. Additional bonuses are IP67 protection, blood oxygen level measurement, alarm clock and antivirus function.