Five Things Men Should Not Wear After 40

You are deeply mistaken if you think that there are no age-related rules in men’s fashion …

1.Skinny jeans

Such ones do not always look good even on children under 40, so think carefully before pushing yourself into a narrower model. Not to mention the fact that the tabernacle is now out of fashion, giving way to more convenient models.

What to wear: straight or slightly expanding downwards jeans look cool, stylish, emphasize everything that is needed – the main thing is to choose well-fitting models and combine them with the right things (we will tell you what clothes coolly complement jeans). Another great option is cotton pants. These will look appropriate and stylish at any age.

2. Things with labels

In general, a dubious thing that we recommend getting rid of even those who are not yet 40.

What to wear: Prefer plain t-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts of good quality. Sometimes a label is not needed to understand that a thing is really high-quality and expensive.

3. Old sneakers

Especially if they are rag, even if they are associated with some pleasant memories. In any case, there are much more comfortable and stylish shoes.

What to wear: buy quality sneakers from one of the leading brands or fashionable sneakers. Give preference to minimalism – and such shoes will be a great addition to the usual outfit.

4. Unusual haircut

The fact that you have enough hair left to follow strange fashion trends is good, but leave radical haircuts to young dudes. In the classic there are many advantages.

What to wear: try time-tested haircuts. Clipper or teiper – options that may not be the most original, but look cool and stylish.

5. Sportswear

If you are an athlete and are in the gym or jogging – yes. In all other cases, no.

What to wear: we do not urge to throw all such things out of the wardrobe, just combine them so that it never occurs to anyone that this T-shirt is athletic, and in these trousers, you sometimes go for a run.