Fixed assets and methods of self-defense

Every day on the street, in the shop, in traffic jams we come across people who are unfriendly to us. Some may just not share your views on life and go into conflict, but someone who is interested in the presence of tobacco products, insidiously plans to harm your health. Unfortunately, many people only think about self-defense when they get into a hospital bed. And for nothing.

I’m sure you’ve heard that the Federal Weapons Act is about to be amended. It’s possible that everyone will have a short-barrel firearm. For better or for worse, we’re not discussing it. However, we should not forget that any means of self-defense can turn into a means of attack, and thus can be used against you.

Consider the most popular types of weapons for self-defense and take into account their pros and cons. Knowing your strengths, you will be able to effectively defend yourself, and knowing your weaknesses – to resist an attack with such weapons.


Principle of operation:

If the contents of the canister get on the skin, eyes and airways, in addition to severe pain, there is increased tears, salivation, snubbing, coughing and other protective reactions. All these things noticeably reduce the desire, and most importantly – the offender’s ability to harm you. The gun is loaded with gas cartridges. Inside, instead of a bullet, it’s as irritating as a gas cartridge.

The pros:

1). It’s a low price.

2). Compactness.

3). The return of the damage.

4). For the gun – higher gas flow rate (harder to dodge).


1). For sufficient effect it is necessary to hit the attacker’s face.

2). Distance of influence – not more than 2 m (for the cylinder), respectively, for the attack it is necessary to let the offender close.

3). The need for sudden application – otherwise you can cover your face and not inhale gas until you come out of the cloud.

EVALUATION: if used correctly, it is effective against one opponent.


Principle of operation:

I’m sure you’ve had at least once in your life, but you’ve still had 220 volts of electricity from a household electricity grid. Isn’t that nice enough? Well, there you go! And here the voltage is almost 1000 times higher. However, such a discharge does not kill, but only shocks the human nervous system.

It’s a plus:

1). Availability.

2). High efficiency (if the device is of high quality).


1). The inconvenience of putting the device on alert – you need to get it out, turn it on, only after defending.

2). A stun gun is a close contact weapon. If you don’t have time to touch your opponent before he blows your jaw off, everything is lost.

3). Thick blown clothes can be a serious obstacle to electric discharge.

APPENDIX: It’s useful in prepared hands, and without prior training there’s little chance of saving yourself with it.


Principle of operation:

The difference between a weapon created for killing, in power and used bullets. And the principle is the same – the pressure of powder or compressed gases in a cylinder actuates a rubber (usually) bullet. A strong rubber bullet impact is intended to cause a painful shock, but it happens that a “good” hit leads to serious penetrating wounds.


1). High astounding effectiveness.

2). Possibility of hitting several opponents (shops may contain 8-10 rubber bullets).

3). Good range of effective defeat (3-6 meters).


1). It is necessary to obtain a license for the acquisition, storage and carrying of such means of self-defense.

2). It is easy to cross the limits of necessary self-defense. The consequence is that it is possible to find yourself in the defendant’s bench.

3). The need for special training for correct application – knowledge of the principle of operation, rules of use.

4). Thick clothing greatly softens the traumatic effect of rubber bullets, which does not always guarantee further incapacity of the enemy.

EVALUATION: A stick at both ends. On the one hand, a bad hit can cause too serious injuries (exceeding the limit), and “not to finish”, which in turn will not have a proper effect on the opponent, the answer to which will not keep waiting. Therefore, when choosing this type of self-defense practice shooting, for the defeat choose legs – you will not inflict serious injury, and the effect will be sufficient.


Principle of operation:

A normal shot with powerful muzzle energy, but still firing elastic bands.

The pros:

1). Huge astounding ability.


1). Still the same license, not just for storage. If you have to wear it, you’ll need a hunting ticket.

2). “Long gun” is not the most convenient option for carrying and using.

3). Prohibition to wear and use on the street – maximum defense on your territory or in your home. In all other places the weapon must be transported not only discharged, but also folded.

EVALUATION: It’s best to abstain if you’re not John Connor, who needs to take down the Terminator. The risk of fatal injury is enormous, the ease of use is minimal, and there are many difficulties with legalisation.


I will start with a long known Internet bike, read in one of the forums:

– Guys, advise which martial art is better to choose?

– And you for pomp or self-defense ?

– For self-defense, of course…

– Then running…

Remember, no one is going to make you a hand-to-hand fighter on the Internet. And even a hand-to-hand fighter has no guarantees when attacked in a dark alley. However, almost any martial arts develops a lot of useful skills that will significantly increase your chances in any fight. Plus, you’re always with the “weapon”. The only thing I recommend is to choose not a sports section, but application systems developed on the basis of hand-to-hand combat of special forces. They teach you to fall correctly on hard surfaces, train to work with several opponents – all this comes as close as possible to the realities of the street.


If you choose a weapon, remember once and for all: it’s a big responsibility. And you should use it only for SAMBOBOURONA. As statistics show, most of the defendants in the dock for its incorrect and improper use “did not want” to do so. The very fact that a person has a weapon adds + 100500 to the courage and impudence. Psychologists say that the weapon in his pocket subconsciously provokes the owner to use it as the last argument in case of conflict.

There is also a back side – many, on the contrary, are not ready subconsciously to use the weapon, even if it is traumatic, and let only for self-defense – they just are not ready to shoot at a person or are afraid of responsibility for the use of weapons. In such a situation, it is useless. Therefore, before you need to prepare yourself morally in advance, so that at the right moment not to overdo with self-defense, but not to drift off.

Take care of yourself…