Flirting as a game: learning the subtleties of seduction

According to psychologists, the ability to flirt and attract the attention of the opposite sex is inherent in every woman, just not everyone knows how to properly use this natural tool of seduction. It is difficult to imagine the beginning of any relationship without flirting, so if you feel that you are haunted by failures already at the stage of dating, perhaps you should learn how to flirt properly, as we will tell you next.

Make eye contact with a man

Rarely a representative of the stronger sex can resist the languid glance of an interesting woman. Before you go up to get acquainted, you need to attract the attention of men you like with a look, but not stare, and playful: most importantly, do not look closely, otherwise you just scare away “the victim” or make a man think that there is something wrong with him. Keep your eyes on him for just a few seconds, then look away. If you do it right, you can count on mutual sympathy.

Don’t Engage in Serious Conversation

There’s nothing worse than talking about the meaning of life or politics in front of a man you have big plans for. Also, avoid any complaints about life and insults to others. Don’t make your conversations too “heavy” for him or for you. Try to start and maintain a positive topic, just relax.

Humor is not superfluous

Of course, not everyone has a good sense of humor, but that does not mean that you have to lock yourself in and wait until your partner decides to make a joke. The more you relax a man, the more he will appreciate the time with you and want to meet again, because people with whom we can feel the ease. Perhaps it is your openness and humor that will be the key. But no “below the belt” jokes.


Flirting is somewhat of a game, so no one forbids you to make ambiguous hints, thereby heating a man’s interest. But, again, no vulgarity – almost any man will think you’re looking for a relationship for a few nights.

Give compliments

Men, like women, are very receptive to compliments. If there is a reason, make a sincere compliment. For any man the support of his beloved is important, at the first stage of dating you let him know that you can be the woman for him, which will give him the confidence that he may not always be enough.