Four men’s accessories to help you stand out from the crowd

If you’re a proponent of stylish, interesting things and accessories, this article is for you. We’ll tell you what four common things will help you stand out from the crowd

Some fashion experts advise dressing a little better than others. In this way you can stand out from the crowd and not be a “black sheep” at the same time. There are several effective ways to implement this advice.

The first way is to wear clothes in the same style as others, but of higher quality. Better may be the manufacturer, the design or the cut. In addition, wearing quality clothes brings not only pleasure, but also comfort.

The second option is to wear clothes that employees and the average city dweller do not wear. In this case, it is important to feel the line, so as not to go overboard. Therefore, in this case, it is important to carefully assess your image, how appropriate and stylish it is.

You can also focus on accessories that will complement the image and help you stand out from the crowd. Here they are:

  1. Handkerchief in the breast pocket

Some fashionable men do not wear chest scarves, as they consider it an affectation. But in fact, it is a stylish and non-binding accessory for men. You can wear it not only peeking out of the jacket pocket. The scarf will be pertinent with a vest and even a coat. However, it is better to refuse the combination with a shirt.

With a handkerchief you can make an interesting accent in your image, especially if the accessory is brightly colored and made of silk or linen. Muted tones of the product will be a successful finishing touch to the bow. When choosing a scarf, keep in mind that it should harmonize with the shirt and tie.

  1. Bracelet

Not all male representatives wear bracelets, so do not want to seem like big fans of jewelry. Such a circumstance will benefit you – it’s a good opportunity to stand out from the others, not to be like them.

Men’s bracelets manufacturers often make of leather, silver, steel or stones. Some models of bracelets combine several of these materials.

Bracelets can be worn as a single piece, or several at once. But regardless of the number of bracelets on the hand, it is important that they harmonize with each other. Excellent and stylish solution – a watch and a bracelet in harmony with them. Such a combination is possible even with a business suit.

  1. Bandana

At first glance it seems that bandanas are an accessory for anarchists, hooligans, bikers and similar subcultures. But not everyone knows that bandanas are peculiar to the American country style. It doesn’t have to be tied like cowboys. You can wear it as a neck scarf, securing it with a double knot or a special clip. In this way, an attractive and interesting accessory will turn out in the image.

In addition, bandanas protect the skin from sunlight and dust. It is best to wear bandanas made of natural and breathable materials, and their length should allow you to tie a double knot.

  1. Cap

In the first half of the 20th century, most men on the street wore hats. The fashion was for bowler hats, fedoras, canotier hats and, of course, caps. If previously a man without a cap stood out from the crowd, today, in order to stand out, you can use a cap. A great solution for the image can be an ivy cap. The cap should not only fit the clothes. It should be in harmony with the face, in particular with the shape of the head.

These accessories are good because they will not make the image too pretentious, and only effectively emphasize the style, bring to it a twist that successfully distinguish you from other people. But even when choosing such things, it is important to consider their appropriateness and harmony with yourself.