Friendzone – what does this word mean?

We’ve all heard the word “franzona,” but not everyone knows what it means. In fact, some of us have even gotten into the situation described by that definition. So what is franzona? How do you know what you are in it, how do you get out of it?

What is that?

A franzona is a situation where one person is in love with another, but he only sees the person in love as a friend. In English, that word translates as “friend zone.”

Most of the time, guys are in love and girls are in love. It has to do with female psychology. If a guy who doesn’t like a girl just tells her about it directly and tries to avoid any contact with her, the fair sex representatives behave quite differently.

For them, a young man in love up to his ears, ready to fulfill any whims is a real gift of fate, to refuse which is simply stupid. And that’s why a girl will keep a guy like that in the franchise so she won’t stay at the broken trough.

Why does that happen?

Now you know what a frendson is. But why do people get into it, anyway? There are several reasons:

“Fish for fish and cancer.” It’s a saying that describes the essence of that reason. A girl or a guy doesn’t want to let go of a friend because they don’t have a better and more suitable option. But at the same time, the lover is not given any definite hopes, and yet allow hope for some chance to move to another stage of the relationship in the future. The object of adoration simply does not want to feel lonely and needless. But once he meets the other half, he forgets about his old friend and just throws him out of his life and head. And it often happens that after parting with his companion, the guy or girlfriend returns to the lover and tries to transfer him to the franchise again.

Distrust. Most often this reason applies to girls, especially those who are already burned and no longer want to remain cheated and abandoned. If the lover does not inspire confidence (and not always blame himself, a lot depends on the girl), the object of adoration will protect themselves from the relationship with him. In this case, he may well feel sympathy and even occasionally show it, but still it will not go further.

Emotional experiences. A friend becomes one who can support in difficult moments, calm down, distract from bad thoughts, give advice, just cheer up or help get rid of boredom and have fun. Such “friends”, as a rule, have those who do not have real friends.

Dissatisfaction. In this situation, the object of adoration builds relationships. But if the partner does not give the person what he expects, but still causes positive emotions or even more serious feelings, then the dissatisfied will probably look for someone who can make up for the lack of attention, communication, gifts and so on. And a certain “substitute” will be just the person who is in the franchise. Everything is innocent and very nice, so the partner will not be able to pick on it, or will do it seem unreasonable.

Material gain. That’s usually the reason guys are in the franchise, and they’re pretty wealthy. Originally, a young man like that would give a girl gifts to get her attention. And she’ll realize that he’s capable of doing the beautiful things that all the ladies of the fair sex expect. And even if the young man will not arouse sympathy, the girl will not hurry to reject him, because he will surprise her and give her gifts. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

A common view of life or interests. It’s not easy to find a soul mate today. And so if one person meets another person who is so similar to him, he will not get rid of it, even if the latter makes it clear that he is serious and has feelings. The object of adoration will simply enjoy a pleasant and fruitful communication, no more.

How do I know you’re in the franchise?

You can determine your presence in the franchise by the following indications:

The one who arouses sympathy often indicates that the person in love is just a friend, nothing more. Phrases such as: “You’re like a brother to me”, “I love you as a friend”, “Everybody should be friends”, “You’re so good” and the like.

If a lover is considered a friend, anything can be discussed with him, including former lovers, friends or girlfriends, the appearance of other people, and so on. It is somehow illogical to discuss this with a potential partner and an object of sympathy.

An object of sympathy often asks for help, and does so with absolute calm and confidence, without doubting that help will be provided. Requests can be anything: just talk or support in difficult moments, go to the pharmacy for medicine or to the shop for food, move furniture or clean up, and so on. If these requests become frequent, it is cause for concern.

Almost certainly the object of sympathy will not care what he looks like in front of a lover. For example, a girl will most likely not make up and wear her best clothes before the meeting. Although it does not always happen so, because many people understand that sympathy and feelings need to be maintained, and therefore try to follow the appearance.

If the object of sympathy sometimes calls himself and offers to meet and “chat”, but refuses, if he finds other options for entertainment, it is likely that the lover is in the franchise and is a kind of backup.

The object of adoration often complains about his problems.

If a guy from the franchise asks a girl out on a date, she may not come alone and see nothing wrong with it. I mean, a lover is just a friend.

How do you get out of frendson?

It’s best to get out of the franchise as soon as possible. That’s what you can do:

You can temporarily disappear from the life of an object of sympathy. If he realizes that being in love means something to him, he will definitely remember him.

You have to be cold-blooded and not show your feelings. You shouldn’t turn into a crying vest or a shoulder support. If the object of sympathy starts talking about former partners, it is better to translate the topic.

You can try to get jealous. To do this, you should start a relationship or pretend that it has begun. Jealousy will probably make you look at your “friend” differently.

A person from the franchise should know the object of their sympathy very well. And such knowledge will help to find out the preferences and expectations of a person from a potential partner. So you can fundamentally change and become the ideal second half.

You can show the object of sympathy that it causes sexual desire. It will force him to reconsider his views.

Another way is to confess everything honestly and figure it out.

And then what?

Trying to get out of the franchise could lead to two events. One, the transition to a new level of relationship. And the second is the end of any relationship. But even the second option is a lot better than being in a franchise and being constantly tormented and doubtful.

We wish you never to hear from an object of sympathy the phrase “We’re just friends”.