Fun Sports: Workouts You Should Try

Are you tired of monotonous training in the gym? So it’s time to bring variety into the sport routine. In front of you is a list of eight unusual sports that are worth trying now. They will help you get in shape and will not let you get bored!

Soon the rain and cold will finally prevent you from running in the park, riding a bike or playing sports games on the site with comfort. Fortunately, you can practice sports from this list both on the street and indoors.

  1. Aeroyoga

If at the end of the day you are overwhelmed by stress, there is nothing better than to go to a class on antigravity yoga. All exercises are performed on weight – in hammocks. It is something like acrobatics. You will take asanas, which are not easy postures in which you will literally feel weightlessness. Even beginners will be able to do it; experience in ordinary yoga is not necessary. This training will tighten your body muscles and stretch all your vertebrae. Don’t worry about safety, special hammocks for aero yoga are made of durable materials and can withstand up to 160 kg.

  1. Badminton

You surely know the rules. Armed with rackets, the opponents throw the flounce over the net, preventing it from falling to the ground on their territory, and try to score a goal on the opposite side. This game, or rather a real Olympic sport, is quite suitable for the premises. Moreover, when the wind does not blow the collar to the side, it is even more convenient to play. Badminton is an activity for two or four players.

  1. Trampoline

Maximum fun and quite complex type of activity. You will burn a lot of calories by jumping on a trampoline and performing various tricks. Depending on your level of training, these can be simple jumps, jumps with raised legs, falls and squats, and even flips. For safety reasons, an experienced trainer will monitor the correct technique.

  1. Capoeira

It is both aerobics and dancing at the same time. That means you will train to incendiary Latin American music and constantly move. The whole principle is based on attacks and rapid movements. Do not wait for easy exercises! Capoeira has many complex movements and acrobatic tricks. You will have to learn to stand on your hands and turn over your head. You will not be able to rest even between exercises. During breaks, you should definitely take a special position – jingling. In this position you carry the weight from one leg to another and cover your face with your forearm. From this position it is easy to strike or get away from the opponent.

  1. Sylcling

It is a bit like cycling. You pedal at your own pace or compete with others. But all this on a modern simulator and necessarily in the company under the supervision of a coach. It is a good alternative to cycling in the open air. You can choose activities with video accompaniment, which will imitate a forest landscape, mountains or coast.

  1. Climbing

It is really fascinating to do it in nature, among beautiful mountain landscapes. But for this you need too many nuances: to buy professional equipment, to wait for the appropriate weather, to get to the mountains… If you just want to try this sport for now, enough of rock climbing. There are different types of obstacles, different heights and difficulties. Therefore, it is easy to choose a “rock” by the level of training. You will train your muscles, coordination, flexibility and endurance. And you will also learn to find a way out of difficult situations.

  1. Squash

Want to burn up to 500 kilocalories in one hour? Then sign up for squash. This is a great cardio and fun game. It’s like tennis, you also need to hit the ball with a racket. But you and your opponent do not serve it to each other through the net, but you beat it into the wall standing next to you. At the same time, the ball should not touch the floor twice and go into touch.

  1. Slackline

One more sport that includes acrobatic elements. A nylon or polyester sling is stretched at a certain elevation above the ground. Feel like a rope-walker and try to move to the other side without falling. It is not necessary to have a huge height at the bottom, a half-meter is enough for a start. All that up to 150 centimeters is a lowline. The slip should not be longer than 40 meters. If it is stretched at a serious height, perhaps even over an abyss or water, it is already a high line. Of course, you cannot do without insurance here. And the most extreme option is the triclane. It is a walking on a rope with tricks.