Future wars will be won by synthetic mechanisms that can live forever

DARPA, the Pentagon’s “crazy” scientific division, is working on breeding immortal soldiers

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has launched its most radical project, BioDesign, aimed at creating synthetic individuals programmed to be immortal. Millions of dollars have already been invested in the development. To prevent man-made superviers from falling under the influence of the enemy and starting to carry out his commands, their loyalty to the “master” will be encoded directly in their DNA, and genetically programmed locks will protect the organisms from “unauthorized access”. Just in case the DARPA plan goes awry, the developers will simply hit the “kill button”, which will also be genetically coded.

This is not the only exotic development by DARPA. Another “crazy” project, HI MEMS, is devoted to a hybrid microelectromechanical system for insects. The technological chips will be implanted into insects at the larval and pupal stages – “for the best chance of viability.” According to scientists, this will open up new possibilities for tracking – not only the enemy, but also one’s own citizens.