Gadget for insect bite treatment

Rest in nature in the warm season is darkened by insects. Nasty “bloodsuckers” and tend to spoil the feeling and mood. Repellents are not always an effective tool in the fight against insects, and damage from them, often can be more than good. Fortunately, innovative technologies are rushing to help poor, bitten citizens. A unique gadget called Heated Itch Relief eliminates the unpleasant effects of bites (swelling, burning, itching, etc.) within minutes.

To activate the device, you need to apply it to the bite site for 5-7 seconds. During this time, Heated Itch Relief is activated and begins to affect the inflammation of heat, neutralizing the harmful effects of substances released by mosquitoes, blindflies, flies, fleas, ants and other similar “children of nature. It is important to use the gadget immediately after a bite.

The device is perfectly suitable for both adults and children. It is compact and runs on a pair of batteries. To date, the device can be purchased through the manufacturer’s website at a price of $ 17. There is no doubt that Russians who love spring and summer outdoor activities will appreciate the advantages of the new assistant in the fight for comfort.