Galaxy Watch Active 2 has been replenished with new smart algorithms

Samsung today decided to present all users and owners of smart Galaxy Watch Active 2 wristwatches with an opportunity to feel even more multifunctional in everything from simple communication to special fitness nuances and features. Moreover, the company has decided not only to integrate new features for this model of wristwatch, but also to make them as optimized and problem-free as possible in the long term. And, to all appearances, it has succeeded to the fullest extent, as the preliminary user feedback is quite a charge of positive emotions and words to the Samsung company.

First of all, it is necessary to note that important fact that Samsung has decided at the beginning to present an update for models of Bluetooth version of Galaxy Watch 2 wristwatches, and after that to switch to usual LTE-models – and such approach seems really balanced and reasonable as it allows to get rid of many problems connected with not quite good optimization of algorithms. As for the algorithms themselves, there are two main add-ons, namely, adding algorithms for running and algorithms for viewing and saving chats, and the ability to send emossi and smileys through the corresponding window in the clock.

For runners and sports enthusiasts, Galaxy Watch Active 2 now offers a range of features, from measuring oxygen consumption during training to the degree of softness of the runner’s legs against the surface, improving individual running patterns. In addition, communication through the clock functionality has also become more seamless.

It should be noted that before Samsung had many reasons to completely repurpose Galaxy Watch Active 2 wristwatches in the direction of corporate use – but after a preliminary analysis of user preferences for the current functional model, decided to make the watch as versatile as possible. All the more so as there are quite a lot of options and features on the market that are related exclusively to the corporate direction in the use of smart gadgets.