Gamers praised the new realistic remaster of GTA 5

YouTube blogger OreoShaman showed another modification of GTA 5. The feature of the solution presented by him – an up-to-date graphics. You can view the resulting product in the attached video.

Subscribers under the video gamers highly appreciated the efforts of the author. The attitude of the gaming public to the fresh creation of “Oreo Shaman” is best evidenced by the ratio of likes/dieslaikes (1200 vs. 49 at the time of preparation of the material) and the feedback posted under the video. The user under the name Michał, in particular, was concerned that the new GTA 6 may be worse than the discussed remaster.

– I’m genuinly afraid that GTA VI will look worse than that, – wrote the gamer.

Recall that the studio Rockstar is still showing absolute impotence in creating the sixth season of Grand Theft Auto because of the spiteful attitude to the staff. At the same time, the head of the team that created GTA 5 states his willingness to “multiply” former employers “to zero” with the new project Ewerywhere, which is working on a team of 400 specialists.