Gillette male boycott

Gillette has released an insulting advertisement that portrays men as assholes, causing more than a million dyslays from the strongest sex. The company earns billions of dollars from the men who now give up on Gillette in mass. The men did not want to tolerate spitting in the face and started a boycott of #BoycottGillette. The world-famous manufacturer of shaving accessories Gillette, from the campaign Procter & Gamble, decided to voluntarily make himself harakiri. The company Gillette has released an insulting advertisement “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be” on the wave of popularity #metoo. The feminist advertising was hoping to get some noise in the press, but received a negative response from the men themselves. Feminists and some women put up likes to advertising, while men just started to massively abandon Gillette products. Simple, but effective. In advertising, men are exhibited in an unpleasant light. Most men are shown to be aggressive, sexist and passionate about charasse. Using biased stereotypes, Gillette decided to ride on a hippe wave, but suddenly found herself at the bottom. Men did not want to listen to arrogant sermons and insults from their razors. On social networks and YouTube, men put dyslaikas, expressing their unwillingness to tolerate insults and spit in the face.

Advertising Jillet about men

The strong sex took the commercial negatively, and a large number of men called to boycott the company for “masculinity. Users have launched a campaign to throw away Gillette razors and razor accessories, supplying this hashtag #BoycottGillette and #BoycottProctorAndGamble. Gillette is part of the American multinational company Procter & Gamble, which holds 34th place in the Fortune 500 list. In addition to Gillette buyers recommend to abandon all products brand Procter & Gamble: Gillette, Braun, Head & Shoulders, Old Spice and many others. The share of Procter & Gamble in the global market of shaving products is 65%, but after such advertising is determined to decrease.

Most of the men who watched the advertisement took it in bayonets because the use of such stereotypes offends men. The company was reproached for having recently been caught using child labor and manipulating prices, and for teaching men arrogantly and hypocritically. Comments from men about advertising who decided to boycott Gillette and Procter & Gamble products. Comments can be found on Twitter and other social networks on the hashtag #BoycottGillette or #boycottproctorandgamble. Reviews of men about Gillette – Okay, there are 4 blades for 600 rubles still could be tolerated, but this video was the last straw. Switch to Bic shorter – @glign83 – All the old razors, shaving foams go where they belong – the trash can #BoycottGillette – Hristo Stoichkov – Gillette earns by selling men’s product, and demonizes men. LOL. You are the fool who chops the branch he sits. – Amartya Talukdar

– There are personal blogs for notes, a place in the church for services and prayers, and since the school is for lessons, I do not need razor-sharp lectures – Sergei Romanchukov. – You can use Gilette razors to continue shaving your vagina, but I do not shave my face like a man with another Gilette razor until Gilette grows up and apologizes to all men for this ridiculous generalized insult. #BoycottGillette – tr – #Gillette assumes that every man is a bad man and I am not. I care about the people around me, I respect the real women around me. I do not pay the company to say that we are all defective because we are men. #BoycottGillette – Vhikasa Suryavamshi – #BoycottGillette I was a lifelong customer. I NEVER buy another product from Proctor & Gamble … not only Gillette but also Head & Shoulders, Oral B, Art of Shaving … even my dog refused Eukanuba. – pershing usa com – Why do you attack the masculinity? I will no longer buy your #boycottGillette – Glen Hackney – I will no longer buy Gillette and other P&G products. The company, which built its empire thanks to the men who bought its products for decades, now decides to spit on masculinity in a new commercial. I am sick of it! #BoycottGillette – A. Mathura – I seem to need new shaving products. Any company but Gillette wants to help me? #BoycottGillette – Rollo Tomassi

I will never apologize for being a man and a good person in this. This is not about masculinity, but about being a decent person. Most men are good law-abiding citizens and take care of others. #BoycottGillette – MJSanford62 – No more Gillette in my shaver kit. Gillette, you are not the best man. It’s time to buy new products to shave other brands. – Vickram Bisyar – Gillette Your recent YouTube commercial against men is disgusting and spits in the face of people who have been buying your razors for decades. Never again. #BoycottGillette – Torchmanz – Why did you do it @Gillette? Too bad you’re going down this road #BoycottGillette – Nick Hinton

I have to run to the store to get laundry detergent. I am glad to remember that TIDE is made by Proctor & Gamble AKA GILLETTE. I will no longer buy Tide. (Anyway, it’s a robbery). USA Patriot – Looked @ Gillette ad again and now I see something else. It is also a deeply racist assumption that mostly black men are saviors. WHAT IS THIS YES. So now I see that it is sexist and racist against white men. They need to get to the man to get to their stupidity. – Todd Mitchem – #BoycottGillette feminists have invented poisonous masculinity, this is not real. Feminists are now a toxic force in society. They will not be happy as long as men do not behave like women. Feminine superiority is their true purpose and fanaticism! – I just bought Wilkinson (Schick) Hydro 5 Power to replace my # Gillette Fusion Power razor. Going from @ Gillette after 20 years. To be the best I can be! # BoycottGillette @ ProcterGamble – Stallion2011

Men’s boycott Gillette Men mass throw Gillette razors in the trash, recommending to avoid also Braun and other products Procter & Gamble. Many people post pictures of farewell to the once favorite brand for shaving. You could tolerate the expensive prices of razors and blades, but for many men it was the last straw. The author also threw away all the Gillette razors that I had. Although in the last year I shaved more and more with an electric razor from China “Tintonlife” than Gillette. And today Gillette threw it away. Switch to Philips, Panasonic and other excellent brands. Do not let me teach you some razor and spit in your face.