Going on a Date: How to Create a Stylish Male Look

Appearance is largely responsible for the first impression. What to wear, Aizel Marketplace knows.


Appearance is largely responsible for the first impression. Going on a date, think through every detail of your closet to attract your date to a pleasant and easy conversation. The Aizel Marketplace knows what to wear.



Choose stylish men’s shirts and you won’t go wrong. They are beyond competition and serve as the perfect base for creating stylish looks. Opt for a neutral pattern, a pleasant shade and a straight cut. Such models can be worn with classic jeans and pants. A good example is a cotton shirt from Canali.


Comfortable pants

It is still worth refusing classic models with arrows (except for going to the theater). Wear chinos – modern and stylish men’s pants, which perfectly harmonize with both sports shoes and strict shoes. For example the green model from Strellson with a pair of pockets on sides and possibility to fold up the bottom edge.



During an evening walk cannot do without a cardigan. Choose a model that emphasizes the beauty of the male silhouette and sits well on the figure. It can be a cardigan with zipper and stand-up collar by Emporio Armani.



Love the classic style and want to look stylish at the same time? Check out the blue fitted blazer from Billionaire. The blazer has a silver tint and two slits. Similar models can be safely worn with turtlenecks and jeans of different styles.



In the cold season you need attractive outerwear, such as coats. Powerful effect produce classic models that suit men with any type of figure. This can be a Prada coat made of thick cloth, which has a single-breasted clasp and a traditional collar.



As a shoe fit loafers, which are used to create not only holiday images, and as a complement to the everyday. It is definitely worth choosing models made of high quality materials. For example, loafers made of textured leather from Barrett.



And of course, don’t forget about accents. A cool belt with an unusual buckle from Prada, a brutal watch from TAG Heuer, a small leather bag from Prada and stylish broilers with brown lenses from The Marc Jacobs – these accessories are perfect for modern men.


Clothes add to your self-confidence, and that quality is a must for successful dates. So choose cool clothes that are close to your style.