Good mood prolongs life

Scientists from the Netherlands have found that good moods for people suffering from cardiovascular disease prolong their lives, writes the magazine Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes.

The study involved about 600 patients with coronary heart disease (a disease that leads to narrowing of the arteries, which disrupts blood flow and oxygen delivery to the heart) who are being treated in a clinic in Denmark.

Scientists have found that positive patients were more active in exercise, resulting in a 42% lower risk of death than the rest. Among optimistic patients, 50 deaths or 16.5% of all deaths were recorded.

The intensity of physical exercise, according to scientists, depends on the mood of patients.

“We need to focus not only on increasing the positive mood in the recovering cores, but also make sure that these patients do exercise on a regular basis,

which in turn is associated with both good health and great mood,” says Dr. Susan Pedersen, Professor of Medical and Clinical Psychology at the University of Tiberculosis in the Netherlands.