Good reasons to quit drinking. This is not a lecture on harm, but the choice of a path in life

Good reasons to quit drinking

There will be more time without alcohol

When you stop thumping, you discover more free time. After Friday’s booze, you no longer sleep until noon and do not suffer all day. Weekends get longer. In the evenings, you are sober that you can do something interesting, and do not wallow in a drunken stupor. Without alcohol, there will be more time that you miss so much.

Refusal of alcohol will bring new useful acquaintances

When you constantly consume alcohol, people like you gather around you. All your friends, comrades and familiar ordinary drinking companions.

Stop drinking and start chatting with more successful people who don’t spend their lives on alcohol. Successful people are interested in other things, and getting to know them will help open new doors and opportunities.

You will have more money if you stop drinking

Write down how much money you spend on alcohol and in a drunken state. Alcohol takes a lot of bills from your wallet. Hiking in the bars, buying alcohol and snacks for it. When drunk, you litter money right and left. All this money could be spent on something more interesting and useful for your life.

Your health will improve without drunkenness and alcohol

You will not die prematurely from alcoholism. It will be easier for you to lose weight and get rid of a beer belly. Alcohol interferes with muscle building and the acquisition of a athletic figure. Alcohol is not compatible with health, athletic appearance and attractiveness for the opposite sex. The choice is obvious.

You will become more successful and achieve much more

How many interesting things did you miss for the reason you were drunk or from a hangover? Refusal from alcohol will lead to the fact that you will think better and faster. It is on the work of the intellect that our success in life in career, business, and even personal life depends. Refusing booze will give you strength, productivity and a sharp, clear mind. Two people are fighting in you.

One wants to get drunk after work and on the weekend. And the second wants to rise to a higher level, achieve their goals and fulfill themselves in life. This battle will be in you constantly.

This battle has begun, but not won. But the good news is that you decide how to live on. An interesting and exciting way of life is located on the other side of alcohol. All innermost desires and dreams can be achieved only on a sober head. You just need to make a choice. To drink or not to drink, that’s the question …