Google Chrome has a new feature for blocking ads

Chrome has earned the reputation of being a rather voracious browser that consumes not only too much RAM but also power. That’s why Google has been doing its best lately to clean up its reputation. Yes, one of the latest updates reduces the amount of advertising and extends the battery life of mobile devices. In recent versions of Chrome, developers have begun to actively test a new feature that blocks resource-intensive advertising, which reduces browser performance and consumes too many resources. This news will especially please users of laptops, tablets and smartphones, because for them battery life plays an important role. It is also useful for those who have limited access to the Internet.

Example of blocked ads in Chrome

Google will block advertising in cases where: It loads the CPU as a whole for more than 60 seconds It loads the CPU for 15 seconds or more in a 30-second window It consumes more than 4 MB of traffic It is noted that the share of such advertising is only 0.3%. but it accounts for 26% of traffic and 28% of total CPU advertising. Advertising that performs resource-intensive JavaScript operations is also blocked. Anyone can now activate the new feature manually through Chrome’s experimental settings. To do this, enter chrome: // flags in the search bar, find Heavy Ad Intervention through the search and set it to Enabled.