Google Maps will show routes for cyclists

Cycling features will first be launched in several major cities in the United States.

Google Maps launches several useful features related to the bike and navigation for some major U.S. cities.

Updated Google Maps bicycle routes use information from complex AI algorithms and crowdsourcing data. It provides the latest opportunities for cyclists. The information contains various types of bicycle paths and streets convenient for cycling.

“During COVID-19, whether people go for a walk or get to work, we make it easier for cyclists everywhere to ride their own bicycles,” Google Maps Product Manager Vishal Dutta wrote on his blog.

To keep pace with an era of rapid change (e.g., COVID-19 has prompted some cities to increase or expand their bike lanes), Google has invited local government agencies to share changes using geographic data download tools.

Google Maps also provides more detailed information on bike-sharing, such as step-by-step walking and cycling routes to and from the dock, as well as information on real-time availability. In some cities, the application even provides links to related bike rental applications, so that people can easily book and unlock cars.