Google started to change the look of the on-screen keyboard Gboard for Android

It is reported that Google has been working on the redesign of the branded application-keyboard Gboard for Android for some time. Now the company, finally, began to unfold the update for beta testers. In the latest version of the search giant will replace bored Roboto font on Product Sans, which will make the design of the program more concise.

In addition, Google decided to end the gray color of the substrate, replacing it with white. The buttons, on the contrary, will become darker. As for the search key, it will be grayed out, just like the Shift and BackSpace keys. The dark topic has also changed. The background is now completely white, and the keys are a little lighter. In addition, judging by the screenshots, Google has removed from the buttons symbols available with a long press. Probably, they can be returned through the appropriate item in the application settings.

Google introduces an update on the server side. Unfortunately, not all users of the beta-version of the keyboard will get the updated design at this stage. However, it is obvious that the new type of keyboard will soon be available to a wide range of users.