Google will allow sites in Chrome to automatically save device battery use

Google’s Chrome web browser has long been renowned as one of the most widely used, if not the most common, browser software on the market, and also the most demanding computer on the inside. In particular, its biggest problem has been its exorbitant greed for RAM consumption and laptop batteries, which Google continues to fight relatively successfully, with new releases of its browser weaving more and more energy-saving features and features. Even today, Google has told us what other tricks the debugger team will take to reduce battery consumption.

The fact that the Google development team decided to present a really unusual surprise to users of Chrome browser, because we are talking about the introduction of a special internal algorithm that completely stops the work of websites that use various scripts Javascript and other technical issues that additionally consume battery power.

Moreover, the Google development team notes that it strives to offer users not only a passive format for stopping these scripts – for example, when a page goes into standby mode or in the background – but also an active format in which the browser will automatically suspend potentially demanding pages for further loading until the user allows it. Of course, the user will be able to manage all the main and secondary aspects and moments of this mode independently, so there is no need to worry about the autonomy of scripts.

So far, the Google team has told about its intention to provide users with something really amazing in terms of rational and competent distribution of internal resources of a computer or laptop during the loading of Internet pages – but such a project will certainly require a lot of time for its implementation, as it is necessary to conduct large-scale testing with different device configurations. Nevertheless, it is possible not to doubt that Google will offer something rather curious and useful for all.