Google will allow users to earn their services

Google has introduced the mobile application TaskMate, which is very interesting because it allows you to make money by performing certain tasks. The app is currently in closed beta and is not available to the general public, but the company is expected to launch open beta soon. Users of this application receive offers to conduct surveys based on recent purchases or experience of using various Google software products (Gmail mail service, Google Assistant voice assistant and YouTube video hosting).

These tasks give you the opportunity to get special bonus points in the Google Play Store, which can later be used to pay for applications and subscriptions in this store. The service also offers more complex tasks, performing which, the user can get full money, not just bonuses for specific purposes. Currently, TaskMate is only available in the Indian region, where users are asked to take a photo of the nearest restaurant, answer the survey or check the correctness of the translation from English to Hindi, etc. There are also simpler tasks that can be performed at home, such as decoding sentences and writing down your feet – this will allow Google services to better recognize English from native speakers from India.