Gray hair: a forced image

Gray hair is a problem that every man faces sooner or later. And here the idea of “better late than never” is held by only a small percentage of men – fanatical supporters of the solidity that gray hair adds. The majority of men are ready to give a lot, if only to slow down and delay the process of graying. Not to mention the cherished dream of never having grey hair. Medicine is already making certain steps in this direction. And we want to believe that very soon the researchers will invent the “elixir of eternal youth” for hair, and then all women will be happy, because their men will always look beautiful and young, but meanwhile… It remains for us to figure out the problem and understand what tools can help now.

It seems that we should not blame Mother Nature. Of course, you may not be happy with it, if your age is approaching 40 years. In fact, they say that at that age gray hair – it’s normal body behavior. However, if you are between the ages of 20 and 35, then you should think more carefully about the reasons that may have led to your early gray hair.

Regardless of age, gray hair occurs through a lack of melanocytes (pigment cells) and the appearance of numerous air bubbles in the hair, which consequently increase the white coloring of each hair. Over time, the amount of melanin decreases and, unfortunately, disappears altogether. But! Ripping out gray hair is not an option in any case. Every time you pluck a gray hair, you are increasing the amount of gray hair in this way. Remember this once and for all. This happens because the root of the hair produces a serum that infects the surrounding hairs.

Therefore, if you are already very cautious to lose it, it is better to cut it carefully with scissors.

It is clear that it is age that is the most important cause of the natural, so-called “senile” graying. But there are also many other causes that cause early graying. In particular, alcohol and coffee abuse, the lack of vegetables and fish in the diet, vitamins, chronic overexertion and excessive exposure to the sun. In addition, a very strong increase in the risk of early graying through disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system, as well as severe and constant worry and nervous turmoil. Another reason is heredity. Graying in this case can overtake you even at the age of 20.

And now about the methods that in one way or another can help. Among them there are cosmetic, medical and folk remedies. The most accessible of the cosmetic is dyeing, but men are not too eager to use them. Today in science there is no generally approved ways to stimulate pigment production after it has ceased. Recently, however, beauty salons have had a special Poly Re-Nature Creme, which returns gray hair to its true color. In addition, there are already unique products that tint only gray hair, leaving all other hair virgin. The procedure lasts as little as 5 minutes, and you can forget about gray hair for the next 6-8 weeks. Of the folk methods available to everyone: take 1-3 tablespoons once a day of parsley root. For prevention and treatment, it is also recommended to take and rub into the roots of gray hair sec of apricots, cherries, pears, blackberries, cabbage, onions.

Medications include vitamins A, C, E, nicotinic acid, folic acid and B vitamins. The course of treatment should be repeated twice a year.

In general, it is very difficult to regain the color of your hair, to stop the graying process. It is much easier to take care of yourself and the beauty of your hair beforehand. A complete diet with the necessary amount of vitamins, a healthy lifestyle, taking care of your body are the best helpers in the prevention of the graying process.