Grocery Cart – Shopping Advisor

Modern technology penetrates into all spheres of life. The grocery stores have not been overlooked. Recently, innovative food baskets developed by SK Telecom have appeared in American supermarkets. An unusual feature of the shopping carts called Smart Cart is that they have an ultra-modern tablet, which helps customers to find and select products.

The technologies work in the following way: a shop visitor first needs to make a shopping list on his smartphone, and then pass it on to the tablet. The mini-computer monitor displays a navigation system that shows the shortest route to the goods, as well as announce discounts and favorable offers.

To extend the functionality of the trolley, you just need to install a special application on your smartphone. Then you can monitor the availability of goods in the supermarket, discounts and promotions without leaving the walls of your own home.

Innovative shopping carts are actively tested not only in the United States, but also in some European countries. There is no doubt that Russians will appreciate the useful service!