GTA 5 graphics have been improved and shown with ray tracing

Fans of GTA 5 were delighted with another fashion. The author of the modified version is a YouTube blogger with a network name OreoShaman. The key feature of his proposed version – ray tracing on the background of radically improved graphics.


The author launched his “vision” of GTA 5 on a 32 gigabyte computer with a Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti graphics card and an intelligent i5-8400 chip. You can view the resulting product in the video below.

The overwhelming majority of gamers who responded positively to the improvements made by the author.

OreoShaman, according to the characters familiar with him, continues to refine the mods taking into account the comments and wishes expressed by users.

You can download the modified version of the A’s on the author’s page in Patreon. The blogger’s subscribers get the first access to the new version. OreoShaman asks $1 or more for the opportunity to join their work.