Hackers hacked the iPhone of dozens of journalists due to a vulnerability in iMessage

Hackers managed to break the iPhone 36 of journalists and other employees of the international television company “Al Jazeera”. To do this, they used a vulnerability found in iMessage. Cybercriminals used the Pegasus spy program from the NSO Group.

Thanks to her, they quickly found a vulnerability called Kismet. It has already been established that the NSO Group has sold the Pegasus hacking tool to at least four buyers. They later used it to hack Al Jazeera’s iPhone. It is established that the smartphones broke in July-August 2020.

Experts were even able to identify two of the four buyers. Kismet vulnerabilities were in iPhone 11 models running iOS 13.5.1. But after the update in the fall of 2020 with the release of iOS 14, these vulnerabilities were fixed automatically.