Hackers have learned to hack satellites, and almost costlessly

We hear about hacking of computers, websites or entire networks every now and then, but there are hackers who are capable of hacking the direct source of the Internet.

Oxford University researcher James Pavour was able to hack the satellite, and spent very little money on this process. It took him only $ 300 to purchase a set of “cymbals” and a receiver.

He learned the coordinates of the satellite’s position in orbit, tuned the antenna and launched free software for data recording. It turned out that a significant part of the information from the satellite is transmitted in unencrypted form. Pavur took advantage of this.

In the course of the experiment, the scientist managed to get a variety of “personal files”: identifiers of ships, information about the crews leaving ashore, as well as personal data of the yacht’s captain, Wi-Fi users on airplanes and clients of the law firm.

The scientist noted that no special skills are needed to hack a satellite, but he will not share details about the hacking process. Pavur also said that large-scale changes are needed in the entire satellite Internet system.