Hard men’s hair – tips for caring, choosing a haircut, the main mistakes

Thick hard hair in men is a sign of a healthy body and strength of spirit. The owners of such hair are many inhabitants of the European continent. According to stylists, thick and hard hair is a gift of nature, because cuts and styling, which will look beautiful with this type of hair – just a great many. All about thick male hair and even a little bit more – in this article.

The main problem for owners of hard hair is, of course, their naughtyness, which creates some problems with styling. Solving them is quite simple – there are a lot of tools for softening naughty hair, their modeling and styling, as they say, for every taste and prosperity.

How can a man make hard hair soft?


Care for hard strands
Which haircut to choose
Elegant classic
Curly hair solution
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Ultra short haircuts
Corner fringe
Polka Sporting Haircuts
The main mistakes when choosing a haircut

Care for hard strands

The rules for caring for tough men’s hair are not difficult. Get the “right” shampoo. It should not only soften hard hair, but also be suitable for the type of scalp. If there is a tendency to oily, choose the option against dandruff. If the scalp is overdried, moisturizers will help, as well as the good old way – rinse with herbal decoctions, purchased and home masks to soften hair.

Use a hair balm every time after washing. If you use the air conditioner every time, even the most obstinate strands can form the perfect styling. It is best to dry stiff hair with a terry towel, gently wetting the wet strands. But from hair dryers with hot air it is better to refrain – so the hair will become even more naughty.

Be sure to use styling products – you can tame the most obstinate hair with mousse or foam. With proper care and proper styling, thick coarse hair can become your main decoration! What haircut to choose Men’s hairstyles for hard hair are extremely diverse, as are styling options (styling). We bring to your attention the most popular, modern and stylish varieties of haircuts for men with thick coarse hair. Elegant classic An unmistakable solution for most owners of tough strands is a classic men’s haircut with the shortest temples and a nape, while the length from above is preserved. This form is universal, looks great on hard straight hair in men.

The solution for curly hair If the hair is curly, it is better to refuse this option, since after 2-3 days the shape of the haircut will lose its clarity. On wavy and curly male hair, short hairstyles with a symmetrical length look much more advantageous. For confident and young, young fashionistas often prefer a haircut, in which the length of the hair throughout the head is approximately the same. Well, this is a very stylish and modern option, which, however, will require more time for styling.

Military – short-cropped hair, not more than 1 – 2 cm on top, while the length of the hair on the temporal and occipital parts will be about 3-5 mm. This haircut model is suitable for brutal men – owners of hard facial features, tall, athletic physique. Adherents of the “romantic” style should avoid this haircut – the image will turn out to be slightly puny and not at all as courageous as we would like. In this case, the hair on top can be left a little longer, styling them with a gel or a small amount of mousse.

Ultra-short haircuts. A classic and at the same time stylish hedgehog is one of the most advantageous options for hard hair. As an option – the so-called “beaver”, in which the largest length falls not on the crown, but on the back of the head.

Asymmetry Also looks great on hard and thick hair in men. Separately shortened locks of different lengths will give their owner a mischievous and at the same time masculine look. In addition, such a haircut will visually drop a couple of years!

Canadian Canada is a classic for all ages, hair and face types. The main length falls on the crown and back of the head, and the rest of the hair is cut up to 5-8 mm.

Caesar Caesar is a variant of a sports haircut with minimally short temples and a nape, however, the length of a bang with this option can be a little longer. Corner Fringe This is a truly stellar solution for coarse hair combined with a round face shape. No wonder “Corner Fringe” is the choice of many modern celebrities!

Polka is still a popular model, despite its pre-revolutionary origin. Modern fashionistas recommend the option with locks of different lengths that are easily stacked with a gel.

Sporty haircut models Laconic sporty haircuts, such as boxing and semi-boxing, perfectly emphasize the hard oval of the face and masculinity of its owner.

As you can see, there are a lot of options for cutting a man’s hair and stiff hair. Do not forget about the conformity of haircuts and styling to the overall image and style!

The main mistakes when choosing a haircut. Hard hair on the head of men is not a reason to cut to zero. As we can see, there are plenty of options for looking stylish, neat, but at the same time courageous for owners of stiff hair. Following fashion and our advice, do not repeat these mistakes: Too shortened whiskey + disproportionately long top. Leave this option to the owners of soft hair and a romantic look. On straight hair, a slightly longer length is allowed, and curly hair after 3-5 days will look messy. A haircut made with a typewriter is a solid no! This method of cutting leave to recruits who are going to the conscription service. If you want the hairstyle to be truly perfect and uniform, this can only be achieved with scissors.

Be sure to use styling products! A gel, mousse or special foam will not only preserve the perfect shape of the haircut throughout the day, but also fill the hair with a pleasant aroma.