Harmful diets for the body

To have a slim and trim body, women, men, and even teenagers often resort to fashionable diets. The desire to lose weight for our own wedding, graduation or vacation is natural – we all want to look flawless in one of the most important moments of our lives. Moreover, the Internet is full of recommendations on how to lose extra pounds in five, ten or thirty days. But about the harm of diets and related health hazards, most resources are silent.

What happens to the body during the diet

There are many kinds of diets: Kremlin, Japanese, kefir, mono-product, etc. In most cases, they imply a sharp reduction in the amount of food consumed, as well as the complete elimination of certain products. If you cut your usual portion of food by more than 20%, the body will perceive this as stress. And during stress, the hormone cortisol is thrown into the blood.

Cortisol affects the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates. This hormone destroys protein molecules, increases sugar levels, and provokes the formation of fatty tissue. This is why extra pounds always come back after a person goes on a regular diet. But because of stress, the human body triggers a mechanism of more intense mass gain than before the diet.

In addition, sharp hormonal jumps are not the best effect on our metabolism. Therefore, one of the dangers of diets is a metabolic disorder. This can lead to different consequences: from overweight to serious disorders that require a long medication treatment.

Harmful low carbon (carbohydrate) diet

It is also called protein, Kremlin or Atkins diet. Perhaps today it is almost the most popular way to lose weight. The essence of the method is that you should almost completely exclude any carbohydrates. But proteins and fats can be consumed without restrictions. There are also variations that require to eat only skimmed cottage cheese and lean meat.

Such a carbohydrate-free diet works as follows: when glucose is not enough, the body itself begins to synthesize it, breaking down the fat reserves. But this condition is a metabolic disorder, which will have to be treated later. The main disadvantages of this diet:

The abundance of protein food overloads the kidneys, which can cause their dysfunction;

the digestive system can not cope with large amounts of protein, the gastrointestinal tract may begin to rot and fermentation;

because of the abundant production of ammonia, the person’s mouth is constantly filled with the characteristic unpleasant smell.

The insidiousness and harm of diets that exclude carbohydrates is also the fact that many of their adherents appeal to the recommendations of doctors. Indeed, in metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus and other similar diseases, endocrinologists recommend limiting the consumption of sugar and other carbohydrates. In such cases, a person already has a disorder that requires urgent treatment and a special diet.

The other extreme is the keta-diet, designed specifically for epileptics. In this diet, the body is constantly in a state of ketosis due to the exclusion of both carbohydrates and proteins. Keta diet was originally created for patients with serious disorders, it is not suitable for a healthy body.

Fat-free diet

In contrast to the previous approach in this way of eating fat is completely excluded. Some recommend removing only harmful animal fats from the diet, while others – including vegetable fats. What is the danger and what harm does this diet do?

Fats are a source of vitamins, so in this way of eating the body is threatened with hypovitaminosis.

Lipids are necessary for the normal functioning of the sexual and hormonal systems, and if they are not enough, there is a great danger of hormonal disorders.

Plant fat is a source of “slow” carbohydrates, which help maintain a stable blood sugar level.

The damage of a diet that excludes lipids manifests itself quite quickly: human hair and nails become dull and brittle, there is a lack of essential vitamins. If the elimination of fat becomes a dietary habit, over time the risk of atherosclerosis and other vascular diseases increases, and there may be a violation of sex hormone production. As a consequence – hirsutism, ovarian dysfunction, infertility.

Single product diets

Most often we are talking about porridge. Other options are to eat only cottage cheese, only fruits, only raw products, etc. One of the variations is a drinking diet, when you can eat liquid and semi-liquid products: for example, tea, juices, milk, kefir, cream soups. This method of weight loss is considered one of the most effective, because almost from the first day the weight is reduced dramatically.

But you shouldn’t be happy about it – first of all, water leaves your body. The same happens in salt-free diet. Fast weight loss is due to the liquid, the fatty tissue is still in place. The damage from constant sitting on porridge or yogurt is obvious:

The digestive system is subjected to non-standard loads, which may provoke its discord;

lack of salt and trace elements will very quickly affect the heart and other organs;

fluid deficiency is a severe stress to which the body will react with a new portion of cortisol.

The harm of any diet: saltless, drinking, kefir

Of course, when it is necessary to limit certain products according to the indications of doctors, it is better to adhere to the recommended diet. Doctors’ prescriptions are designed for long-term changes in their eating habits. And all restrictions are designed to help the patient avoid severe conditions such as acidosis or hyperglycemia, but not to help fit into your favorite dress.

The main harm of diets with extreme diet restrictions is that they can not become a complete habit. You can’t live permanently without vitamins, proteins, or a thousand calories a day, while practicing sports. This will lead to exhaustion. In addition, after returning to the usual diet, weight will return, and in 80% of cases – with excess. The next diet will not be so effective anymore, while it will be difficult to return the lost kilos in double size. All this is a natural reaction of our body to stress.

Useful diet for weight loss

Still, safe diets exist. In order not to harm yourself, you need to revise your eating habits and change them. Not for five days or a month, but for a long time. A healthy diet will help to stay in shape without additional efforts. Balanced and healthy food can be tasty and nutritious. With a properly formulated diet, you will not experience a shortage of vitamins, trace elements and essential nutrients.

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