Have your best years gone?

When you’re young, it seems like the best, most interesting, fun, and wonderful things are ahead. You imagine taking everything out of life, traveling, making friends, taking risks, and going after your dreams. But literally a couple of years go by and you feel like you’re too old to do it. Are the best years gone and left behind? It often feels like you’ve missed out on your whole life. Where does youth go and what to do?

“There’s no future. Before, as a child, there was always something bright, unknown ahead. Life! And now I know exactly what comes next… the future is miserable” Movie “What Men Talk About” As a child, did you think you would never be 25, 30, 40, 50 or more years old? You assumed that others were destined for the fate of adult uncles and aunts, without a certain age. But not you. You will always remain young, timeless and gray-haired. This path to old age is not for you. When you are young, you expect a bright, happy and unexplored future. It will be full of bright events, unforgettable impressions and amazing feelings. But as the years go by, you find yourself in a situation where you no longer feel young. It’s like you’re not so old, but something has changed.

At that moment, it hits you like a kick in the head. Where is your youth? Where are the reckless adventures, romantic ventures, and amazing journeys you dreamed of in your youth? Where are the risks, the emotions and the brightness of life? Why didn’t you have everything like the movies or other people? Why did you skip the years of your youth and your best years? How much time was lost during those years? How many important opportunities and great chances were missed? God only knows. It’s like you missed the best part. All the salt and beauty of young life. Your best young years.

Gone are the best years? Where does youth go? You were too right and prudent. You chose stability and plans for the future. You know what will happen tomorrow. You’re used to an established way of life. It’s not a bad decision. In the eyes of those around you and those close to you, you’re doing the right thing. It’s a wise choice, but why can’t you find a place for yourself? Maybe you should have spent your time on other things, even nonsense. Don’t listen to all kinds of advice? Live not as you should, but as you want? It doesn’t matter at all how old you are.

You can always feel all that is called the best young years. What to do?

Some things are time to stop putting things off. Do all the things you didn’t dare to do when you were younger. At any age.

1.Make your innermost dreams come true. Do something you’ve wanted to do for a long time. How long can you be afraid and lazy and pretend you don’t want to.

2. Do spontaneous acts, outings and trips. There’s nothing like an impromptu and unexpected holiday.

3. Say yes to opportunities and suggestions that interest you. Say no to anything superfluous, empty or unnecessary.

4. Interact more with new people and make acquaintances more often. Go to new places you haven’t even thought about before.

5. Don’t be afraid to take some risks. He who does not take risks does not win. Why not give it a try? Are you a coward or are you willing to gamble with fate?

6. Learn to cut loose and be yourself. How long can you play someone grown-up and serious?

7. Go camping or outdoors when you want to. There’s something about freedom in that.

8. Make more friends and like-minded people with whom you are on the same page. Avoid those who undermine your faith.

9. Have your best years passed and you can’t do anything about it anymore? Why? Experiment with what others are afraid to do. Let the cowards sit at home under the broom. And you are free to make your own decisions.

10. Get into sports. Make your body young and beautiful. That’s what you’ve always wanted.

11. Read as many interesting books as you can, absorb as many interesting ideas and thoughts as you can. Rock yourself.

12. Go to concerts and open yourself up at festivals. Don’t sit at home.

13. Change your apartment, city or country of residence, if you can and want to.

14. hitchhike or hitchhike somewhere else. Go on a wild vacation on the other side of the world.

15. Face your complexes and fears? Good idea. Deal with them once and for all.

16. Experiment with your appearance and style.

17. learn how to fight and shoot so you’re ready for all the occasions in life.

18. If you’re single, don’t be afraid to get acquainted and start a relationship. Even if it’s temporary. It’s better to fall in love, break up and fall in love again than to never love in your life.

19. Help someone who is having a much harder time. Make the world a better place.

20. Spend time alone and offline, away from the hustle and bustle. Solitude gives ground for reflection.

21. Make yourself a better person and educate yourself. Become more perfect.

22. Travel. Explore the beauty of the world and the diversity of cultures.

23 Master the skills you’ve been planning for a long time. Learn to dance so you don’t have to blush on the dance floor or stand at the bar. Draw, play guitar or sing.

24. Quit the job you hate and do what you want to do.

25. Join a subculture or community that piques your interest.

26. Do something crazy. Get a tattoo, go bungee jumping, learn to surf.

27. grow a beard and experiment with vegetation.

28. Do something grandiose and great that will leave a memory of you to posterity.

29. look for love and a person with whom you’ll feel good.

30. Find your acceptance in life and your own way.

When you think your youth is gone. When it seems like your best years are gone. Don’t worry. You can always dive into the drive, the adventure, the travel, the dating, the craziness, and any adventure. You can go crazy and take everything from life at absolutely any moment. Youth is not in the numbers, but in the state of mind.