How beautiful to wear a scarf

Question from the reader: Maybe it sounds strange, but how to wear a scarf properly? I can’t find a variant where I would look fashionable, and the scarf would fit well and would not fall off me. Indeed, despite the simple shape, wearing a beautiful scarf is a difficult task. How to tie it so that it does not strangle you, but at the same time did not run away from your neck with a snake in the first puddle? And how to look fashionable, but not to remind a student of theater or DJ. It seems to us that there are three infallible ways to wear a scarf.

Free drapery

Take the scarf and just let it fall from the neck – put it around the neck and let the ends hang freely at the sides. Yes, this may not add warmth to your neck, but it looks great – especially if it looks out from under your coat.

Paris knot

Elegant choice for everyday image. This scarf looks good with a jacket, sweater and jeans. Fold the scarf in half, put it around the neck, pull the ends of the loop formed and tighten a little. But do not tighten too much. Scarf should not look like a noose.

One turn

For better protection from the cold, simply wrap the scarf around your neck several times so that the weight of the scarf due to these turns is well held on your shoulders. In order to keep the scarf untied and not shifted, both ends of the scarf is better to lower on the chest.