How can a man become handsome?

Girls love beautiful men, from whom they get hot, and their knees automatically extend. Each of us would like to be a handsome man, who is given all the girls just for a smile. Attractive appearance is a trump card not only for girls. Men, too, can extract many pluses from their male beauty. Girls also fall for the beauty of beautiful men. How to become more attractive, but not sweaty? Even if nature did not try much at your creation, you can always fix it in a better way. How can a man become handsome? Positive smile The cheapest way to look better is to smile. Girls do not like gloomy men who are baffled by world problems. Do not frown, but smile.

Visit the dentist to make sure that the smile is flawless. Keep your breath fresh and remember to brush your teeth. A positive smile and sense of humor attracts girls, which has been checked more than once. Careful appearance In most cases, men do not really look after themselves. Ridiculous hairstyle, when you need a haircut a long time ago. Non-transparent vegetation on the face. The hair from the ears and nose also do not add to the attractiveness. Clean yourself up to look great always, not once a month. There’s too much to ignore on the upper body vegetation. Men’s cosmetics We are not talking about powder and other heresies. Use good toilet water and deodorant against the smell of sweat. Before going to bed, apply a night cream. This treatment will add freshness to the face and keep it from wrinkles longer. The difference in appearance, between men using the cream and those who ignore it, is 5-10 years. Do you want to look as young and beautiful as possible for as long as possible?

Great closet You have not forgotten what they meet on the clothes? Old, worn-out and unfashionable clothes even an attractive guy puts on the same row with losers. Choose a men’s clothing store with an average price range. Good things will make you much more attractive. Clothing should be tidy, appropriate and in size. Always dress so that you look a little better than others. This will give you extra points of attractiveness due to the unsightly environment. Male behavior The beauty of a man depends not only on his appearance, but also on his behavior. Do not slouch, do not clench, do not be shy, do not fuss. Look at how cool militant heroes behave. It is a good school to follow.

Try to look confident, energetic and collected. Now, some famous brands are launching ads to make men behave more like babes. But do not buy into this nonsense. Weak men are not liked and avoided by women. Do sports When a man is weak or fat, he automatically becomes ugly, regardless of the features of his face. But if a man is pumped and athletic, he automatically becomes attractive. The gym makes a man more beautiful in appearance, stronger and more confident. It is much easier for a man to become handsome than a woman. Do you want to be a handsome man, on which all the women around fall in love?