How can you diversify a boring family life?

Perhaps almost every girl dreams, as a result, to marry a loved one, to enjoy the desired addition to their new family, in general, to live happily ever after.

But, unfortunately, being in the place of their dreams, over time, the reverse process begins to occur: marriage no longer seems so beautiful, family care begins to gravitate and upset, and at the sight of once such a loved and desired, the other half, there is a sense of indifference, and sometimes even irritation and misunderstanding.

Every day begins with a quick breakfast and a light kiss on the lips, then some unforgettable fuss, and again clap! You are already in bed forgetting a restless and completely empty sleep.

Something slips away from life, something elusive and intangible, but urgently needed, the desire to continue to live together less and less monotonous years, for which there is nothing to remember much, more and more.

Some couples continue to exist, more out of habit than out of love for a great and good purpose, and some are not able to withstand the routine trials, put down their hands and run in search of new sensations.

But if you think about the fact that it’s time to change something about your couple, it’s you who have already taken the first step towards a new happy life together. If you dream and after 20, 30, 50 years to see the shine in the eyes of his soul mate, when she looks at you, it is important to work on it young, literally from the first years of your family life.

How to diversify family life, say you, if the home so much care, constant work with her husband, small children, in which by mistake dissolve their caring mothers, cleaning, laundry, cooking, yes, a variety of anything!

Not without reason clever people said that the family is a kind of fire, which should be constantly “fed” with firewood, so that the brightness and beauty of the flame never faded, and always just happy with warmth and sincerity.

Above the family hearth must constantly work, work and strengthen it like a little child, it constantly requires your strength and attention, so that one day later, in the future, to repay you with a strong and loving family rear. And, by the way, works for the benefit of family joy, should not only women, but also men in particular, only the desire of two may be enough for a tangible result.

Stop, a beautiful moment!

Almost every young, and very experienced, the family is in a constant race, rush and waiting. There is a feeling that now we are just rehearsing, and real life will start one day later, but it will not happen! In this race you will not find winners, only losers, who constantly put off their happiness “for later”.

Stop for a moment, give your body and mind a break from constant running, think about what you live for? What did you get married for? Is it really just for the endless cooking, washing diapers and dirty socks, repairs or other achievements in the workplace? You need to learn to live effectively, doing what you need to do, but also to get what you want on an equal footing.

Personal relationships do not tolerate constant expectations: in the end, you will retire, adult children will fly to their new family nests, and you will be left alone with someone who has become a complete stranger to you.

Not only that, couples who never learned to see the beautiful in their relationship, to appreciate and respect each other, for many years accumulate unresolved resentments on each other, which as a result is not difficult to guess what may lead.

What can you think of?

Expand the boundaries.

It may seem a little strange to you, but in order to be interesting and desirable for your soul mate, you must learn to spend time without her.

Nobody says it is necessary to do it all the time, but at least once in a few weeks find time for yourself: meet your friends, do what is interesting to you, perhaps it will be photography, dancing, drawing, communicate with different people.

This is how you can continue to acquire its features and zest, which will spur your marriage. Communicating with someone outside your own home, doing things your husband doesn’t do, you will be able to find topics for home conversations and discussions that will not relate to domestic and family problems.

Family traditions

So that months and years do not fly by mixing in one indiscriminate gray mass, it is important to learn how to highlight the dates and moments that will leave a bright and good feeling of the day. Traditions can start as a very young family, as well as more experienced spouses.

Let it be an annual wedding anniversary celebration, which must necessarily be accompanied by a trip out of town (a trip to the forest, a trip to the sea or a trip to your favorite restaurant). The option may be yours personally, the main thing is that you follow this tradition year after year.

You can celebrate and turn into a tradition not only big holidays, but also your personal little celebrations – the first tooth at the baby, the first snow in the year, the first march for mushrooms and so on.


Many couples, especially after the birth of the child, forget what romance is, and as a result, a normal sexual life. Of course, children need a lot of attention, but, at least once every 2 weeks, they can be sent to grandparents on the weekends, and remember what it is to be in love and happy.

How to spend time without children – each couple chooses for themselves. Someone will go on a standard scheme – cinemas, restaurants or walks in the parks, and someone may play with fantasy.

Romantic candlelight dinner, a bathroom dotted with rose petals, champagne, strawberries and cream, joint watching of erotic films, beautiful lingerie, as well as productive pastime outside the bedroom door.


Next important tip, don’t be lazy to travel. Even a three-day shake can show you how much you missed something like that, something new always opens up on the way, people see each other on the other, new and unknown side.

You don’t have to go somewhere very far, start from nearby areas and maybe in time, visiting new places and cities will soon become a family tradition for you.

Look for common interests

It is difficult to remain interesting to each other if the spouses have nothing to talk about other than problems and concerns. Enroll in a dance together if you both love art, attend master classes, watch films that are interesting to both of you, and sometimes you might want to give in and watch what your soul mate recommends.

Lessons together help spouses discover many unexplored surprises in each other, only so you can spend time together without fear that you will have nothing to talk about.