How can you feel happiness? Change your displeased face to a happy one

We all have our own lives, our own goals, our own problems, our own desires, our own war and our own dreams. But what do we all have in common? Look at other people’s faces on the street. They are almost always gloomy, sad, and unhappy. Only occasionally a smile, laughter, or joy will flash across one of their faces. And then clouds of sadness, bewilderment, and indifference are written back.

We spend most of our lives with a disgruntled face. And so do you. Once a person gets out of childhood and adolescence, they become unhappy. Carefree laughter happens less and less often, a smile occasionally lights up your face, and happiness is felt infrequently. As the years go by, one becomes more and more sad, sad, and unhappy. The smile becomes tentative and plastic when you meet someone and just imitate joy. Sound familiar?

What happened when we were kids, when everything was different and better? The grass was greener, people were kinder, the world was brighter, and we were happier. But gradually we became less and less happy and smiling. As children, a trip to a picnic or a trip to the circus were the adventures that made our day. A simple ice cream, a toy or a cartoon made us jump for joy. We squealed with happiness when our parents appeared and adored cuddling with our loved ones. We weren’t shy about declaring our love to our loved ones. But we grew up and replaced all that with sadness and a puzzled face. We don’t feel happy. Buying a new phone makes us less happy than when we were kids buying some trinket. As children, new sneakers made us happy for a week or a month once we put them on. But now we need a car or an apartment for that level of happiness.

Happiness has been devalued. To be happy and smile, we need an obvious reason. Preferably material and more. Then we will smile, maybe for a second, and be happy for a while. And then we’ll get sad and frown again. Why is this so? Why are we used to being unhappy?

How do you feel happiness? We all have problems, difficulties, and other things that are not particularly pleasant. We have a job, some money, and a more or less comfortable life. In general, everything is normal, but for some reason we always walk around with an unhappy face. Why? We are used to expecting something bad from life. Something is about to happen, and we are ready for it all. We’re used to being unhappy and ready for the worst. Why don’t I feel happy? Habit. You’re used to being unhappy. After all, you have good things happen in your life, even more often than bad things. But you’re happy for a second, and then you frown and get sad again. And when you were a kid, you’d be happy all day because of some good and unimportant thing.

We are used to being miserable and unhappy. Some will say that there are a lot of problems and all that. But why do they keep you from smiling and enjoying life? Everyone has problems. There is always someone who lives worse and better than you. Why complain or whine? Life isn’t fair? Every other person will tell you that. He has problems, no money, no free time and everything is bad. There are always problems in life, but only we decide how we feel. Some people go through life grimmer than a cloud, even though they have everything that many people don’t have. And others are happy, although they do not have millions and all that the first have.

With time and age there is a reassessment of happiness. Many people begin to smile more often after the age of 50-60. People begin to understand the meaning of happiness and the meaning of life. We spent a lot of time on meaningless goals, opinions of unnecessary people, useless actions and false goals. As you get older, you realize that it’s your inner state that’s more important, not this all around you. Change your unhappy face into a happy one, without waiting for retirement. Stop walking around with a dissatisfied and unhappy look, as if all the problems of the world were upon you. It doesn’t take much to be happy and smile.

Happiness is not something that happens to us, but how we feel every day. Material goods cannot guarantee us happiness when it is closer to the spiritual world. Happiness is the ability to find new goals, new stimuli, and new dreams to move forward. Happiness lies in the ability to enjoy the little things and to enjoy each day. Happiness is the ability to enjoy life for no particular reason. You can do anything and act spontaneously and still be happy. Remember the movie “What Men Talk About. Continued.” At the end of the movie, the character Kamil talks about how we have forgotten how to be happy and don’t know how to be happy. “I’m going to get out of here. I’m going to get in my nice, expensive car. I’m going to go to my nice, big apartment and live my very good life. With my ever-so-satisfied face.

What am I so unhappy about? What’s stopping me from just enjoying life? And this, in fact, life has accustomed us to the fact that at any moment some disgusting thing can happen. So I’m prepared for that in advance. But good things also happen. And not so rare. But for some reason we do not notice it. So we take note and continue to wait for the bad. As a result, this eternal readiness for the bad, does not allow us to rejoice in the good. The habit, this habit, of being unhappy… unhappy. The habit of being unhappy. It’s a bad habit. Much worse than smoking. I used to smoke. Do you remember? For a long time. And I quit. It’s a shame to be unhappy. It’s time to quit… Everybody’s got things to do, families, that’s life. It’s not life, it’s who we are. We have to give happiness a chance. And then maybe it will happen to us.”

How do you feel happy? Change your unhappy face into a happy one. It’s not life that’s bad, but we’ve forgotten how to enjoy it. Smile in the mirror to yourself. Find the good things more often, like you did when you were a kid. Give happiness a chance, and then it will happen to you more and more often. Smile, optimism and happiness – these are three whales that will help you find yourself in life.

The habit of being unhappy is too bad to follow. There are a thousand reasons to be happy in life. Try to find them all. Get yourself into the habit of being happy.