How do women manipulate you?

Women like to take advantage of men’s weaknesses and mistakes in his upbringing. A real man shouldn’t owe anybody anything, and especially a woman who says the opposite. The main female manipulation that destroys most relationships and families. I have heard a thousand times about the “real man” and the word “should” in one sentence. Where did all this come from? We were all raised by mothers, grandmothers, educators and teachers at school.

We were taught by the weaker sex, and men were excluded from the educational process. As a result, women raised men who owe it to everyone. They put in the boys’ heads a way of manipulation “you are a man, girls need to give in, girls need to be protected, girls should not be hurt, girls are smarter, all the better girls”. How do women manipulate you? Men are not as interested in relationships as they are in learning and exploring the world. Men have changed and evolved a lot over the years, unlike women. Beautiful sex has changed much less.

Ask any girl to choose a man out of two: a good and smart guy, a bad and brutal guy. 90% of girls will choose the last one. Girls are attracted to men who are as similar as possible to alpha males and warriors from the past. What are the bad guys or alpha males for? In 90% of cases, he’ll leave the girl, get in trouble, go to jail or get confused with another girl. The girls will get pregnant and then be single mothers. Some girls choose a good and promising guy. But after several years of relationships or marriage, women get bored. They cheat on the side with the alphachs, divorce or just carry the man’s brain. The result is another divorce or an unhappy relationship. What is the problem with the good guys? The fact that they are manipulated with the words “real man” all their lives.

A good man tries to provide security for a girl by satisfying her desires, but does not get a return on gratitude. As a result, the relationship is derailed by the woman. How do women manipulate you? Stop being a real man who should. This is the main female manipulation of an ordinary man. This behavior is not only with men, who are called assholes, goats and alphas.

Do you want to have less problems with the beautiful sex? Stop giving in to the manipulation of women. You’re not worse, not stupider than a girl. You don’t have to do anything to her, and you don’t have to do the woman’s whims. Stop being led to “a real man should”. Your woman is just like many others. Let her down from the sight of a princess.

Your girlfriend is not a princess at all, because you did not get half a kingdom as a gift. Are you still being manipulated by women or have you seen the light?