How do you choose a profession if you don’t know what you want?

We get asked by adults and children, “How do you choose a profession if you don’t know what you want?” and “I don’t know how to choose a profession?” What do these people mean? Do they have many interests and find it hard to choose between them? Or no interests at all? And those are two different problems.

It’s hard to figure it out on your own, even if there are a lot of interests. After all, you need to know what professions there are: what a person does, what object he works with, and what requirements this profession places on a person. This is what you need to know when choosing a profession.

The truth is, for each of us, there are ten or so appropriate and pleasant professions. But you can’t go ten ways: you have to choose the most enjoyable and the most appropriate profession.

What does the choice of profession depend on?

Here we will not tell you the truth. Career choice depends on the interests, abilities, values of the person who chooses it, age, financial possibilities and plans of the family, the place of residence. But even if you know all this about yourself, what do you do with this knowledge? And how do you know which profession they point to? There are two ways: try to diagnose yourself, or trust me.

How to choose a profession yourself

You can finally listen to interviews with professionals, read books about the professions, and even try to work for a company on vacation and look closely at what people do there. And all of this can help a lot, but if it didn’t, I will.

Help in choosing a profession (career guidance)

I help high school students choose a profession or change careers for adults. I do it in two hours. And you have to prepare. Go through my questionnaire and prepare your work, if any. As a result, you do not get a list of professions, but one that you are capable of and that your heart is for. And, of course, a list of good schools.