How do you get a girl to have sex with you?

Many men are interested in the question of how to seduce and divorce a girl for sex, although it takes a completely different approach. How to make the girls themselves want to undress and give themselves to you? How to quickly divorce any girl for sex? Sex for girls – this is a major step, especially for those who are not easy moral principles and do not give everything in a row. How to seduce such a desirable theft?

A girl should be emotionally mature, accustomed to a man, prepared for intimacy and excited. “It’s easier to take off a woman like that. The main thing is to be with them more persistent. Plus say beautiful things. Aristarchus Romashin For a girl sex is emotions, feelings, passion, excitement, attraction and intrigue. But not everybody succeeds in bringing a girl to such a state. As a result, men go in search of perfection, his art of seduction, the Internet. Everybody wants to pump up their pickup and shoot skills to have juicy chicks. How to divorce a girl for sex?

  1. Training on pickup and shooting girls When you want to become a pro in seduction, you begin to look for training on the pickup truck, so that inexpensive and effective to learn everything. Here you find yourself in the turnover of passers-by who want to profit from your inability to get acquainted with chicks. Now there are many online courses on pickup and seduction of girls. This is a top-secret foreign technique and super clever ways of local Russian pickup truckers. For this take a lot of money to learn how to spin the girls intimate. But the secrets and lessons given by the pickup specialists do not work or have long been known to everyone. Specialists on the pickup truck organize trainings on pickup, seduction and complex development of the man’s personality. They promise excellent results, proven techniques, ready-made cases, a lot of chicks, power over women and a happy rich life. Doesn’t that remind you of MMM, Cashbury or any other lottery? You’re absolutely right. Often trainings are on the road when you pay not only for the lectures, but also practice. Such bachelor parties in clubs, resorts and VIP cottages. With blackjack and whores. In 100% of cases, you eat pre-purchased prostitutes, or train on outspoken whores who would give anyone for a drink. It’s like hunting in a zoo when a gamekeeper leads a tortured animal to slaughter. This is not a real pickup, but a pathetic imitation of seduction, when a pickup trainer leads a pre-purchased whore. Pickup training specialists demand money per course, but our men’s magazine will tell you everything for free. There is no secret method. There are only working patterns of behavior of men, which lead to the desired results. This will help you seduce any girl. Pickup trainings are self-deception. You can learn all this by yourself, pumping yourself and your experience of communicating with girls in practice. How to divorce a girl into sex?

  1. What is considered a divorce of a girl for sex? You begin to take care of a girl, enter into a relationship with her and then there is intimacy. Gradually you get sex as a reward for good behavior, long courtship and a beautiful candy-bouquet period. Is it considered a temptation and divorce of a girl? No. It is called a relationship or a siege of a fortress on the sea. Here, any girl will sooner or later give. Under the spinning chicks on the proximity is understood quite differently. Seduction is not a siege of the fortress of women’s impregnability, but the storming of positions when you bribed the traitors inside. When the girl herself opens the gates, so that the enemy took her by force and rudely.

  1. Many pickup gurus claim that it is possible to have sex with any girl, but it is not so. The girl is not interested in you or you are not in her taste? You can do anything, but you can’t seduce her. In 95% of cases it’s wasted power and money when you could fry 5-10 other crumbs during this time. The process of preparing a girl to eat begins long before you meet her. Make the most of your appearance and appeal. Improve your wardrobe, refresh your hair, make it glossy, don’t slouch, do sports. Women always evaluate the man by his appearance and style, and the rule of first impression, no one canceled. If dressed as a beggar or a loser, the chances of sex are zero. Become a better person to have more women’s attention. Show self-sufficiency and confidence Look decent and reliable, not a womanizer and windy Demonstrate generosity, the girls are always led to the bills Have fun communicating with the girl and her seduction Hint at the prospects of communication with you All kinds of show their value and value for girls

  1. How to behave when communicating with a girl? The value of sex is overrated. Most men just want to have sex, and girls take advantage of it. But you can use the girls yourself if you position yourself correctly. You do not have to marry a girl or be her boyfriend to have sex with her. Show yourself as a male and a male, not another “friend” who can be used for your own purposes. If you do not light, flirt and hit on, you will get into the brandona, where there is no exit to the body of the girl. Show the girl your intentions clearly and definitely. No friendships, help and other nonsense. You want a girl, interested in her and perceive her as a desirable female. When there is a male and a female, sex is inevitable.

  1. Call the trust of the girl You want to seduce the girl? Girls are not so afraid of sex as they are afraid of rudeness, aggressiveness and pain that go beyond intimate games. Girls are big cowards, and therefore give themselves to those men who are more or less trusted. Demonstrate your adequacy, reliability and normality. A girl should understand that you are a normal and healthy man, without mental injuries and complexes. Do not make the impression that you are only interested in sex. Call the trust of a girl if you want to get into bed with her. Tell a little about yourself, your life, plans, parents, friends or family. Show adequate life values. The girl will have the impression that she knows you for a long time. Build a girl’s trust

  1. How to talk to a girl when tempted? Speak confidently, loudly and clearly. No stuttering, trembling voice or quiet speech. Tell the girl jokes, stories and funny facts, but do not overdo it. Try not to burden the girl with bearded stories, but rather maintain an easy conversation, full of flirting and mutual jokes. Change the volume and voice, preferring a small rhythm and a low tone. Tell the girl compliments, ambiguous jokes, beautiful words. Lower your voice and keep your voice down when you flirt and frame her. Whisper to the girl in her ear to give her the creeps.

  1. Show a keen interest in the girl How can you get her to have sex? Do not show it explicitly. A girl should not think that you are only thinking about undressing her. You like not only the girl’s body, but also, she herself. What is a girl like? What is she into? What does she live with? What does she want? What is she breathing? What does she think? Get a girl’s opinion on various issues, ask her for her opinion, listen carefully, do not interrupt, ask for advice and encourage you to open up. Show a keen interest in the girl

  1. Interest the girl before the temptation of the “Pickup” – a set of mean grips and cynical tricks, taken among the poor, unable or unwilling to pay honestly to a woman for sex. Viktor Pelevin Girls want to torture and have sex with men who are worthy of it. Show yourself at your best. What is your personality? What kind of man are you? A girl should see that you are a great man who knows the price and is not deprived of women’s attention. Do not drop yourself below the skirting board to impress the girl. Show that you did not fall under her spell and is not ready to dance to her female tune. Girls are attracted to men with strong nuts. Behave yourself freely and confidently. Show your man’s rod if you want to put a chick on it. When you are of interest and value to the girl, the chick will seek to get rid of her underwear. All you have to do is to help her surrender so that she doesn’t suffer from being too slutty.

  1. Strategies to seduce young girls Young girls are young bodies, firm breasts, a sea of emotions and crazy sex. A young girl’s sex divorce is different because you have to show certain sides of yourself. Young girls prefer men who have strong male images of creative, romantic and dangerous personalities. Young people are easily bought on the images of bad guys, tough guys, athletes, bikers, macho, musicians. Do you want to seduce young and young Lolita? Show a real superman, on which all the young nymphets are wet.

  1. Strategies to seduce experienced girls Adult girls have already been burned on bad guys from the street and poor musicians. Such girls are not averse to having fun, but they often have a more balanced approach to relationships and sex. They are looking for stability, reliability and perspective. A man is regarded as a future husband. But this does not mean that experienced girls avoid sex. Now times of great female competition and affordable sex. Growing young chicks step on the heels of older women that they begin to get nervous and frightened to throw off underwear. More experienced girls are more easily seduced than younger ones. More precisely, experienced girls undress themselves and seduce men to get a male and a male breadwinner. They do not need to be pushed to sex. Experienced girls are ready to do anything in bed to make a good man want. How to seduce experienced chicks? No sex on the third date when there is first date. You’re too busy, and the modern world is too fast. Look more expensive, more successful, more confident, more respectable, more reliable and more promising. The women will invite you to tea, undress, throw off underwear and use acrobatic tricks in bed.

  1. Strategies to seduce adventurous girls There are many girls who want sex but hide it. Usually it’s girls with cockroaches, abandoned individuals, divorcees with a trailer, single chicks, walking chicks, drank crumbs, vengeful for the betrayal of a woman or a chick who went on a hike. It will be easier with such girls. They themselves are ready to have sex and give it to the lucky guy who came to their hand. The main thing is to notice their bright sexy outfit, causing behavior, hungry look, increased activity in the crowd, shooting eyes and willingness to get to know each other better. How to divorce such a girl or woman for sex? It’s easy with such people. A little bit of fun, drank and in a bed. It is important to catch their signals and gradually lead to sex. How to divorce a girl for sex?

  1. Don’t wait for ideal conditions for seduction of the girl Say “no” indecision. Waiting for the right occasion can last forever, but the interest of the girl will not appear. Start acting and roll up your balls when you have the slightest opportunity. The most experienced ladies and pickupers are successful because they are constantly trying. They offer the girl to go on a date, and if it does not work out, they quickly find the next crumb. Do not bother with one woman, suffering at night and trying to win her over. If a girl doesn’t like you, it’s a ticket to the Freindson. Forget about this girl, pay attention to her girlfriends or other crumbs. There are a lot of beautiful, seductive, cool and hot girls in the world. Meet other chicks and seduce them.

  1. What if you can’t seduce girls? It often happens that nothing happens to girls. You come up, get acquainted, go on dates, but there is no sex. The reason for failure may be a lack of experience, too much haste, or a lack of self-esteem. Try to roll up to the girls easier. Not to the brightest, most beautiful, sexy and hot. Slightly lower the bar and seduce girls of the second or third echelon. These are less beautiful, less slender, less good, but more accessible girls. These chicks are less accustomed to male attention and like them will be much easier. Initially, train on the girls easier. They are more easily seduced. Such a girl to divorce for sex will be faster, and in bed almost no difference. Simple girls can have even better sex than pretty girls. Pretty women can lie in a log when the simpletest girls try. After all, they understand that they are far from perfect. They decide to maintain the interest of men more activity, temperament, passion and debauchery in sex. Hone the ability to seduce on the simpletons. When you get them to unwind on the closeness easily. That’s when you start to raise the level of chicks. How to get a girl to have sex?

  1. Show perseverance of the bad guy Don’t be afraid to seem a little insistent, cheeky and purposeful. This is exactly what a real man should look like in the eyes of a woman. Do not miss the right moment and do not give up. Girls like to say that they are busy, they have a boyfriend and everything. Joking around, pick up the phone and ask her out on a date. Girls are not going to be weak for sex. The good guys always fly past relationships and sex. Girls sleep with persistent and insolent bad guys. Girls subconsciously fall for alpha males to carry their genes further. These are the natural instincts of females.

  1. Topics for starting a conversation and getting close to a girl Girls fall in love with the ears. On the ability to hang noodles on her ears depends on the success of the seduction of crumbs. What to talk about on a date with a girl when you seduce her? Topics for talking to a girl can be any. The main thing is to choose what she is interested in and excited about. It is necessary to have entertaining conversations with a girl in order to make her have sex and seduce her. Start talking about a certain topic, and then carefully watch the girl. If the other party is interested, she will pick up the conversation and her eyes will light up. Your hobbies and hobbies Favorite music, films, books, Relationships, love, trust, friendship, intimacy As usual, spend your free time What interesting things have you seen or where were your childhood, parents, loved ones, friends, abilities, talents and skills of Traveling, adventures, adventures and interesting events Life plans and dreams for the future Events in the past, extreme actions, life lessons How to get a girl to have sex?

  1. Piquant themes for seducing girls in flirting is important heat of passion. After a while you should start provocative themes that will bring a little intimacy and intimacy to your conversations. What to talk about, not to scare the girl, but gradually lead her to sex? Start ticklish and vulgar themes that are not far from the bed, and then move into it. What are you looking for in a relationship, waiting for love and what kind of man should be? What is the best quality in you? How extreme, temperamental, passionate and hot are you? Do you like to kiss, hug and all that? How do you manage to maintain such a hot figure? What is the sexiest thing about you? What part of your body is your pride and magnet for men? Do spicy desires arise at the wrong time? Do you like to sleep naked, walk around the house naked or look in the mirror? What color underwear and tried to walk without it? What turns men on in character and appearance? Do you have erotic dreams and intimate fantasies? How will you seduce a man if you like him? Show me. You look like a model. What’s the size of a breast, bra or leg length? What do you want in a relationship, how should your intimate life look like? How important is trust and sex in a relationship? How do you divorce a girl to have sex?

  1. Mistakes in seducing girls Sometimes men do not fully understand the rules of the sexes, and as a result do not go solo breadwinners. Or rather not having seduced the girl and left without sex. Don’t turn a date into an interrogation Don’t let a girl get bored and yawn Don’t indulge all the desires and demands of a girl Don’t show how much you want to have sex and don’t look concerned Don’t try to buy sex in exchange for gifts or other valuables Don’t chase a girl and don’t try to impress her with all your might If a girl says no, find yourself another chick With a girl it’s important not to screw up. But if you screwed up, just find another chick and try again. You can gradually hone your pickup skills to perfection. How to divorce a girl for sex?

  1. Flirting with a girl and compliments “Laughing girl is half conquered. John Ray How to breed pretty girls for sex? Don’t forget to make a girl laugh, tell funny jokes and stories. Do not let the girl get bored, but entertain her. The seduction of a girl comes with emotional approaching with her and ointment of a chick. Tell the girl compliments and beautiful words. Girls love it when they are praised. Girls love it when they are admired. Girls melt when they notice their best sides. Girls are ready for anything when there is someone who appreciates them. Say compliments, flirt, make jokes, support the girl, but do not roll into a rough flattery. Call the girl by her name. This brings together and is the best compliment for any person. And the more chicks. What compliments and pickup phrases to use?

Is it really hot in here or is it because of you? You have a great sense of humor. You look so good that it’s almost indecent. They say you have to follow your dreams. Can I walk you home? You are very smart and perceptive. Hell, you have a combination of beauty and character. In ancient times you would have been burned for your inhuman beauty. You have everything I was looking for in Yandex and Google. You are like a very juicy peach, that you want to become a thief and rip it off. Do you have a very unusual color of eyes and a great smile I’m ready to kill the dragon that guards you? You have a beautiful and provocative dress that you want to take it off. You are special, which you have never met in this world Flirt with a girl and compliments

  1. Touching and seduction Very much liked the girl? Do you want her? How to divorce a girl for sex? Girls are seduced not only through words, but also through actions. A man should be polite and gallant enough. On the one hand, it is a gallant gentleman. But on the other hand, it’s a bad guy who harasses and insists on it. As soon as you meet a girl, start taming and seducing her. Let her get used to your hands through touching. Be a ladies’ man who gives a hand, supports the girl, embraces, caresses, touches and carefully establishes tactile contact. Gradually touch more persistently and more frankly. At one point it will be normal to stroke the hand, back, knee, waist, butt and chest. Touching is the most important reception of all pickupers, ladies and women workers. The more often you touch a girl, the faster she will give you. Touching turns girls on and excites them. This is physiology and sexual instincts. Touch a woman for her convexity and curves. Girls are like kittens that you pet. They are ready to sit on their knees and anything to make you caress them further. How do you get a girl to have sex?

  1. Be ready to have sex with a girl You must be ready for the fact that the girl will agree to go with you or invite you to your place. Try to keep your love airfield free of parents, roommates and other obstacles. Store condoms so that you don’t have to look for a pharmacy and screw up in this way. Alcohol is also necessary. It will speed up the understanding and seduction of the girl.

  1. Create an atmosphere for intimacy. Choose the right place to seduce and win a breakthrough in her body. A girl will always break down and say that she is not like that. But all girls are chicks, and all chicks give and take. Experienced playboys and pickup trucks do not react to this, but only smile when they hear it again. Even if the girl was alone with you, you need to create an intimate atmosphere and appropriate mood. Otherwise, the girl may go backwards and slip away in an unknown direction. It’s like a fish getting off the hook at the last minute. When you have already imagined how you would fry it and enjoy it. Make the room lighting a little dim. Set the temperature regulator to the maximum so that the girl is a little hot, and she wants to get naked. Play romantic music or watch a lovely melodrama. Wine, sweets, fruits will also help in seducing. If you have candles, you can add some romance. Girls like that. How to divorce a girl for sex?

  1. Drink with a girl before sex Drunk girl is not the mistress of her desires and her body. One of the most undervalued helpers in seducing a girl is alcohol. Usually they don’t talk about it, but almost always the first sex is intimate under the influence of a green snake. Most girls have a lot of cockroaches and prefer to take off their panties only when they are drunk. Alcohol helps girls to lose anxiety, stiffness, complexes, shyness, virginity and underwear. Alcohol liberates the beautiful floor, which helps to quickly find common ground and find yourself in bed.

  1. How to undress a girl and divorce her for sex? A girl can say anything, but the best thing about her will be her body. How does a girl react to you? Approaching or withdrawing, closing or opening the body? How to excite a girl and make her want you to wear out? Girls also want sex, but a little different than men. They may show indifference, but they can secretly expect men’s harassment and bullying. Girls of the creature are scared as if they were trembling fallow deer. Your task is to light a fire of passion in a girl and not scare her away. Act carefully, calmly and leisurely, but confidently. The girl should see that she found herself in the reliable hands of men. Watch the girl’s reaction. If she withdraws, reduce the pressure and act softer. Take your time. If you are alone with a girl, she is already morally close to temptation and a jump in sinful activities. How to divorce a girl for sex? Begin with emotional conversations, jokes and a light relaxed atmosphere Look the girl right in the eye, smile and be positive Tell the girl compliments, whisper on her ear beautiful words and tenderness Touch the girl, grab a hand, attach the smooth surface of the girl’s hand or cheek Massage women’s shoulders or feet Flirtuy, jokes, Play with the girl’s hair, twist your curls or skip between your fingers. Spread the girl’s thigh, stroke her knees, legs or back, holding her hands by the back of her neck Cover the girl’s face and neck with kisses, which is full of erogenous points Touch with the hands of other parts of her body, caressing her Effect on the erogenous points of the girl: Neck, chest and inner surface of hips Spend at least 20-30 minutes on seducing the girl. Then the girl will get wet, get excited and start no less than you. She will want to undress herself and satisfy her inner fire, which you woke up. Gradually undress the girl and proceed to the foreplay. Caress the girl tenderly, but persistently and passionately. And now take her. You deserve this seductive body. How to divorce a girl for sex? How to divorce a girl for sex? Use this article on the pickup truck to bury much more juicy chicks. If you want something, don’t wait for a gift from heaven. Perfect yourself, meet girls more often, flirt and seduce. Enjoy life and beautiful girls, not bored.