How do you get rid of your beer belly and show off your press cubes?

Many men and women have a beer belly, and it does not decorate a man at all, but makes him less attractive. How to get rid of the stupid beer belly and to show, hidden under the layer of fat, cubes of the press? Start working on the press right now, not when it’s time to go out to the beach or show off in front of the opposite sex.

Many of us like beer, delicious meals, and over the years it is not for nothing. Metabolism slows down, and the excess calories begin to accumulate on the stomach. What to do with the beer belly and how to get rid of it? How to be in uniform 365 days a year? How to get rid of the beer belly? 1. Determine your food standard If you want to remove the beer belly, but you need to start with the kitchen. Everyone has their own daily rate of food and calories. If you want to lose weight, you need to spend more than consume. Calorie deficiency is necessary.

The average man should consume about 1700-2000 calories a day, and to lose weight about 1500 calories. For women, these rates are about 300-400 calories per day lower. If there is a calorie deficiency, the beer belly will melt before your eyes. How do I get rid of my beer belly and show off my press cubes? 2.

Consume less alcohol The abdomen cannot be called a beer house. This is because beer is the main culprit. It may seem difficult, but you need to consume less alcohol. Do you know how to limit the amount of beer? After all, it is known that the most delicious only the first and second glasses of beer, and then begins just a habit.

A couple of glasses of beer, twice a week, will be the maximum. Otherwise, extra calories will be deposited favorably in the abdominal area, forming layers of hated fat. And then it is difficult to fight this with other methods, if you lie on the beer. 3.

Do sports Even small physical activity can have a positive effect on beer stomach problems. Practice 2-3 times a week. If you don’t like exercise, train more often, but less intensively. Gym, swimming, running are good options for weight loss. Don’t forget to do exercises on problematic body parts.

These are exercises on the muscles of the press. Regular exercises will remove the beer belly and show the long-awaited press cubes. How to get rid of the beer belly and show the press cubes? 4. Long rest When we sleep a little, rest and are subject to stress, we begin to quickly gain weight. Try to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day, find time to rest and avoid stress. This will allow you to get in shape and get rid of the beer belly. 5.

Try to eat at the same time, then the body will stop making supplies. Always have a good breakfast and dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime. Try to avoid overnight raids on the fridge so you don’t get fat on your stomach. If you want to eat, eat an apple or other fruit. Approach your diet carefully. You are what you eat.

Choose the right and useful food. Consume less energy and fatty foods. Eat more vegetables and fruits. A healthy diet will help you look and feel much better at 100%. Many people want to get rid of their beer belly and show off their press cubes. But you can only stubbornly, and lazy shamefully hide their fat body on the beach from the eyes of strangers. Do you want to have a beautiful press?