How do you meet a girl on the beach?

Twenty-first century. Nowadays, people meet everywhere. In comfortable and uncomfortable places. In shops, on the streets, in the gym, in the club, in the cinema and of course in social networks, because it’s easy! What about dating on the beach? This kind of dating is only for the hottest boys, young people think. Actually, it’s not. Anyone can meet a girl on the beach and hook her up. The main thing to know the top 5 rules and then the question “How to meet a girl on the beach?” everyone will answer: Easy!

Rule 1

The main thing is to smile and be sure of yourself. Go around the beach in search of a cutie, choose a place near the girl you like. Walk past her a few times and if you catch her look, you can safely go and get acquainted!

Rule 2

We need to impress you from the very first minute. You go up to the one and say, “What’s the name of the most beautiful girl in the world?” At that moment she should laugh and tell you her name.

It’s a win-win rule, because girls love compliments. And then you have to be direct. Only when talking to her, use less trivial phrases, more jokes and do not ask stupid questions, the answers to which are obvious.

Rule 3

Buy her sweets. Offer her some ice cream. The ice cream in the sun will melt and the girl just can’t give up the tantalizing treat. Don’t stop joking in time for the girl to enjoy the ice cream. Tell her the phrase, “Ladies, aren’t your parents’ confectioners by any chance… How did they make such a chocolate bar?” Don’t be afraid to be ridiculous and ridiculous, girls appreciate guys with humor.

Rule 4

You’ve already made a little impression. Now it’s time to play! Invite her to leave the ball or play volleyball, so the girl will open much faster and you will be able to communicate.

And finally, the hottest rule 5…

If you’re shy and can’t find the words to start dating, just buy a rose and go to the girl you like with the phrase “You got a flower from the hottest guy on the beach”. In the first second of the dialogue you’ll be 100% intrigued by her, and the next two you’ll like.

As you can see, it’s not hard to meet girls on the beach. The main thing is not to waste time and act! Summer has not come yet, and you are ready to turn into reality the 5 most top rules for dating on the beach and get acquainted with the most beautiful girl!