How does a man behave when a woman cries?

Perhaps there is nothing worse when you see tears in the eyes of a loved one: at such a moment the heart constricts, fear and anxiety appear, how to help? When a woman cries – this is a separate conversation, especially if it happens in front of a man.

Even the most courageous and strong male representatives begin to wildly worry, get lost, and sometimes fall into stupor: what to say to her? How to behave properly at such a time?

What to do if a woman cries? This question more than once asked himself almost every man on Earth, at such a moment he turns into a helpless and embarrassed, devoid of any imagination, a man.

Men by their nature are beings strong, emotionally stable and even, to some extent, stale, they are deprived of heightened sensitivity in favor of other necessary traits of character: purposefulness, courage, ingenuity and others.

All this is necessary for them to achieve their goals, stepping over themselves, to be able to provide and protect their family, to become a real support, because this is what we expect from the man they love?

Women’s nature is very different from men’s, it’s like two halves that oppose each other, but with the right keys to the heart of each other, balance and form a harmonious whole.

Women are endowed with increased emotionality and sentimentality, they are gentle and affectionate nature, who know how to give love, care and build cordial relationships, it is their insecurity and kindness cause in a man a desire to protect, love and protect.

Therefore, when a man sees tears in the eyes of his beloved, he is gripped by panic – what did he do wrong? Why did it happen? What he missed or did not notice, did not protect from difficulties in time? What to do not to make the situation worse?

Why is the woman crying?

The reasons why the weaker sex sheds tears can be many – from the banal sentimentality that arose after watching a sad movie, to deeper internal problems that a man may not even know about.

Tears can be a reaction to an insult, a quarrel that took place the day before, a result of fatigue, despair or lack of attention, how do you understand what the real cause? No matter how trivial it sounds, perhaps the woman crying should just try to talk.

Let’s talk about it right away – in a fit of hysterics you are unlikely to achieve anything intelligible, but after some time the result will still be achieved. When the reason becomes clear, it is much easier to pick up the right words, and maybe go to specific actions: for example, if a girl is eating some serious problem, you can try to find a solution to it together.

What can I do?

Comfort and tenderness. Perhaps the most correct and reasonable option – is to press a woman to himself, hug tightly, show feeling and care, comfort with affectionate words, perhaps even as a child, sit on his knees and try to understand what is wrong with the beloved.

Say out loud your assumptions about what happened, maybe she will quickly open up in front of you. Pick out a few pertinent compliments, say the words of love and just be quiet – sometimes tears need to be let loose.

Distraction. If your beloved does not want to confess, what is it, and you have no suggestions about this, you need to apply “deceptive maneuvers”: bring a glass of cool water, offer to wash up, if your pocket has a clean handkerchief or napkin – offer, because it is not a gentleman’s way to watch a lady’s makeup blurs.

Cover your favorite blanket, offer to drink tea together or just sit in silence stroking a sad creature on the head and shoulders.

What can’t you do?

In no case do not try to reproach a woman for her tears, give out some phrases like “Again you sob! As much as you can!” or worse, if you get confused, leave a woman like that alone. Perhaps for the beautiful half, it is the most terrible sin on the part of a man who will be very difficult to forgive.

If even a stranger cries – do not pass by, do not leave her alone, it is better to pat her on the shoulders in a friendly manner and add positively that everything will change for the better. It is quite possible, if you are both free – from such an unpleasant accident, can grow a strong friendship or even something more.