How does a man look good and expensive?

A man who devotes enough time to himself – always attractive and successful with women! How does a man look good? – To find your own style and skillfully emphasize their success! In this you will help a personal stylist, but there are also those basics that everyone should know and perform independently, taking care of their appearance.

Don’t be lazy – pay attention to your body!

You should take care of keeping fit by visiting the gym. All parts of the body are an integral part of the image, so they require constant care. If there are problems with teeth, then do not drag on a visit to the dentist, as a beautiful smile is a powerful weapon.

Pay attention to the nails, which should be neat and trim the hands and feet. Make sure your face is free of pimples. A man should definitely visit the hairdresser once a month and then the haircut will be neat, hair should be kept clean.

Bad habits, nutrition

You can look great for a man at any age if you do not resort to bad habits. Eliminate cigarettes and alcohol as much as possible or completely, as a result the signs of aging will be less visible. This fact can easily be checked by placing 2 representatives of the strongest sex of the same age next to each other, the younger will look the one who does not drink alcohol, does not smoke.

Products that affect your body

An important aspect is a balanced diet, for the sake of beauty, give up fatty foods. You can look great using cosmetic products designed specifically for men. Anti-aging creams for face and skin, peeling, if you want to visit a beauty salon, will make you younger, regardless of age.

Simple tips on how a man should look good at 40 years of age:

Buy a bike and go to the places of your youth and turn it into a time machine;

Fall in love. The pursuit of liking disciplines a person;

After 6 hours, don’t eat. On this occasion, Tom Ford said, “At forty years old, after six, only peasants and plebeians eat;

Take at least eight hours to sleep;

Rest at least twice a year at sea;

Enjoy everything, like warm weather, blooming lilacs. Do not complain about anything. Give flowers for no reason.

Advice from professionals

1.5 – 2 kg of excess fluid in the body due to excess fluid aging man Daniel Murray – Head of the experimental center (USA) gives recommendations to remove it, taking twice a day in capsules 1g of dandelion root and horsetail field or 12 drops of extract in 200 ml of fluid 3 times a day. This advice should be used in emergency cases, if it is necessary to be in shape the next morning.

You can moisturize your skin by spraying equal parts of mineral water on the recommendation of the cosmetologist Tamara Markus, adding 3 drops of geranium, lavender or chamomile oil. The face is sprayed with a sprayer. The bottle should be kept in a cool place. Dry skin will perfectly hydrate with cocoa butter and citrus juice.

It is possible to reduce the biological age by 8 years, due to regular sex, which improves blood flow, provides skin with O2.

How does a man look expensive?

Reliable helper will be status accessories – watches, cufflinks, and wardrobe. It is important to wear only clothes made of natural fabrics and suitable in size. This will help you become confident and look more attractive and younger. Give preference to classic or smart casual, suits in gray and dark tones, shirts and ties should have the usual pattern. Everyday style – socks, trousers, shoes should be monochrome (no more than 3 expressed colors). More complex sets often do not work for men to put together on their own.

If you feel that you are not able to make sets of clothes and accessories – contact a personal stylist shopper, who, accompanying you to the shops that suit you in price and style, will create for you a functional wardrobe for every day and special occasions. This investment pays off many times with confidence in its appearance, saving time and quality assurance.

To look stylishly man will help pair of model shoes, do not look at the high price – quality and comfort will bring results in the future. It is also necessary to place in a wardrobe, at least one expensive suit, choose a classic single-breasted suit with 2 buttons in dark gray or blue color. It is better to have white and blue cotton shirts (according to statistics this is 90% of all sold in the world).

What does the perfect man look like?

What the perfect man looks like – he always achieves his goals and you can read it in his eyes. Hardness of character helps to keep the promise and keep life in order. Family is a man’s roots, so he is the first to enter into a relationship and provide for his children.

Sexuality of a man – in his style, accessories, inner strength.

How a man should look – impeccable to be an object of imitation. How to look younger than a man – wear a dark-colored polo shirt instead, and you will look presentable and free.

Inner confidence and an attractive appearance – the main companions to present themselves sexually in the eyes of the beautiful sex. How a man looks attractive – dress with taste and lead a healthy life.