How hormones affect us: male irritability syndrome and 5 types of sexuality

We are all guided by microscopic substances – hormones. Often they are responsible for your bad mood or low productivity. Also the sexual temperament depends a lot on hormones. Knowing more about this process, you can learn to benefit from it.

The most important male hormone produced by the adrenals is testosterone. The mood of the strong sex depends on its fluctuations. In women, changes in the hormonal background are strongly dependent on the menstrual cycle. Something similar is observed in men. On average, in 28 days, the concentration of hormone changes its level from high to low, and vice versa.

What is testosterone responsible for?

This hormone participates in the formation of signs of masculinity: body hair, low voice, developed muscles. It also makes a person more rigid and straightforward. The high level of substance literally “wings” – promotes ingenious discoveries, achievements at work and all kinds of victories. And if the level is too low, you can easily fall into depression. Any imbalance has an impact on behavior. Elevated testosterone can turn a person into a tyrant, and an undervalued person into a whiner.

Of course, it also affects the intimate life. With a normal hormone level, a man has no problems with desire, erection and sex in general. When his blood level drops, chances increase that the nights of love you will prefer a deep sleep.

Testosterone cycle

Specialists andrologists explain the hormone jumps in the blood by a natural cycle. It lasts about 28 days. During the first half there is a growth of testosterone, then, after a certain peak, it goes into decline. On the days of the lowest concentration – the so-called “critical” – mood and productivity also fall. This is the same syndrome of male irritability – SMR. Men have a hard time with physical activity and usual tasks at work, and sexual desire is zero. In short, you don’t want to do anything. At this time, it is better to rest, the experts recommend. If possible, reduce the activity and just wait for the hormone rush.

But, if women have “dangerous” days easily predicted in advance, SMR can happen more than once a month. After all, during the day the level of testosterone also changes. In the morning it is quite a lot – about 700 ng/dL. And in the evening the number is reduced by half – to 300 ng/dL. That is why in the morning a man has a persistent erection, and in the evening can cover a sudden irritability.

There are also seasonal fluctuations. In spring, the testosterone level is low. With warming, it starts to grow and reaches its peak in recent weeks of autumn. This is how nature has made sure that children are born more often in summer – in warm and “full” time. It is quite real to prolong or shorten the cycle. For example, success at work makes up for the need for sex. And if the partner has a passionate temperament, then a calm man will make love more often.

Such features of behavior and well-being are associated with the fact that the male hormone has the property to increase the activity of cells, their ability to absorb energy. At testosterone peak, it is easier to reach sports peaks or find solutions to problems. And in a recession, the chance to get into a fight or get into an accident is higher. So the ideal period for important decisions, business meetings, trips and dates is the beginning of the hormonal cycle. But how to calculate it?

How to plot the temperament

Experienced andrologists recommend doing this with the help of simple calculations. Trace the fluctuations of testosterone will help an ordinary piece of paper in a cage, a pencil and a little patience. You need to draw a normal system of coordinates. For the starting point of the schedule take the last most violent sex, mark it as “+1”. This is your testosterone peak. The X axis is the days, and the Y axis is the level of your desire.

Over time, the hormone concentration drops, and endorphins grow. As long as the testosterone is at a medium level, the mood is still high and the intimate life is beating the key. Celebrate each stable sex with a number “0”.

By the middle of the cycle, the testosterone level will drop to a record low point and the adrenaline will rise. At this time, you are annoyed by others, work does not get along, fatigue goes off the charts – and no sex. Mark these “critical” days as “-1”. They mean that the cycle has reached the middle and the hormone will grow again. After that, the mood improves and the interest in sex returns.

By connecting all the markers on the coordinate system with one line, you will draw a sinusoid of your temperament. The gaps between periods of increased activity, stability and decay will be the same. And the number of days between the most violent nights is the length of your cycle. To ensure the accuracy of the calculations, follow the rhythm at least a couple of months.

5 main types of sexuality

Depending on the length of the cycle, andrologists distinguish 5 kinds of sexual temperament:

Careful type – “Sex for Sex”, 2-7 days

Such duration is more typical for young guys under 20 years. But it is also found among older men. Such sex is in the first place. It is important for them to have it all the time, to think about it and talk about it. It is difficult for men with such a stormy temperament to restrain themselves, and they do not try. Therefore, they often change partners and do not think too much about serious relationships. In bed, they are concerned only about their pleasure, do not pay attention to whether the partner is good. Often, such fixation on sex is an attempt to block the failures in other areas of life.

Passionate type – “Two should be good in bed”, 8-15 days

For such men, sex is also very important. They start romances spontaneously, and refusal is perceived quite acutely. But representatives of this category are already quite capable of entering into a long relationship and not in a hurry to change – provided a perfect match of temperaments. They believe that good sex – the key to love.

Moderate type – “Sex is a manifestation of feelings”, 16-23 days

Not inclined to hasty novels and cheating, such men sincerely worry about the pleasure of their partner. They do not fixate on sex and do not wait for it on the first date. But sometimes they may give in under the pressure of a charming girl.

Calm type – “Sex is not the main thing”, 24-30 days

For him, romantic courtships are much more interesting than what happens in the horizontal plane. Often, the initiator of sex is a partner, so this type of leisurely. He is bored or lazy to have sex, but can do it for the sake of his beloved or out of a sense of duty. Such men are characterized by great loyalty. The ideal couple for him is the same calm girl.

Tired type – “No interest in intimacy”, 30 + days

Sometimes the “preoccupied” who are too tired from the stormy intimate life pass into this category. In general, men with a long hormonal cycle almost never take the initiative. They are indifferent to sex, can live without it for months or even years.

By calculating your rhythm, you will be able to better plan the most important events in life. You will know when it is worth the effort, and when it is better to take a break. If you try to build such a schedule, be sure to share in your comments what you did well. And how it coincided with the real observations.