How many suits you need to have: the opinion of the professionals

The masters of the famous capital atelier “Classic Costume Workshop” or Mastersuit told how many suits are necessary for modern fans of the classic approach to clothing.

Probably, it seems to you that every year there are fewer companies preaching strict dress code and street-style heroes, even in the 40-degree heat of choosing suits. Who needs a neat double, when you can go to Sunday brunch in a sports suit, and to meet the client – in jeans and sweater? Those who feel much more comfortable in a shirt and jacket than in a sweater and a T-shirt.

In Florence at Fashion Week in June street-style heroes make deals with the devil, just to avoid fainting at +40 in three. And in most legal, financial and consulting companies, employees wear suits or at least a pair of jackets and pants. And believe me, they are not forced to choose the classics. They gladly continue to be committed to it, because no other clothes claim their lifestyle and status better than a suit.

To decide how many suits you need to have in your closet and what accessories to choose for them, we came to the boutique studio MasterSuit (“Classic Costume Workshop”).

At the office

In autumn and winter, you certainly can’t do without at least one gray three in a cage, a dark blue suit and brown. If this set is not enough for you, take a look at the tweed, corduroy and vertical stripe.

In summer, choose suits from a mixture of wool and silk or cotton and linen, and secondly, allow yourself a brighter color (but do not overdo it, after all, the office is the office) – dark green, burgundy, gray and blue. And give preference to two, so that it is not so hot.

On a date

Outside the office you can afford to hooligan. The texture, ornament, lining, color of fabric – these are the elements of the costume that you can work with. Remember the velvet, sapphire color, club jacket and embroidery, so that your companion did not think that you came to her right from the business meeting.

For the wedding

Buy yourself a wedding tuxedo. At almost every celebration, regardless of the theme, the white or soft-blue version will look appropriate. Just remember that when you are going to get married, you will still have to buy another tuxedo.

For the theatrical premiere

Do you prefer a black tuxedo or odious suit in flowers and with embroidery? It is up to you to decide what to open the theater season annually.

On vacation

In a light linen suit of pastel color you are unlikely to go to the office, but you can go there for Sunday brunch and take it with you on vacation at the seaside. Therefore, at least one such option should be in your closet.

At the funeral

Unfortunately, sometimes you have to go not only to weddings and operas, but also to funerals. And believe me, you will not want to sit in the office or to rest with a girl in a suit, which you associate with someone’s death.

Thus, in your closet there are about 15-20 suits in which you meet all the hardships and good luck of life. Not only sneakers, T-shirts, polo shirts, jeans and turtlenecks, but also accessories: ties, breastplates, cufflinks, tie clips.