How much can you earn on the Internet (and is it possible at all)? Personal experience

It suddenly seemed to me that in the current economic situation this topic would be of interest to many. I’ll help those who want to earn extra money in their free time from their main job or even those who want to give up their work to hell and plunge headlong into Internet earnings.

Everything that I tell you does not require special skills, at least initially. Knowledge of the English language is welcome, if you do not know it, become an advanced user of Google translator.
Oh yes, I have to warn you: you still have to work. Long and tedious. But for someone, the salary received will go nuts with some increase in salary.

The first platform for remote work on the Internet about which I will tell – Lyonbridge. What you will need to do here depends on the vacancy, for Russians they are always different here (sometimes they do not exist at all, but patience is our everything). For example, they had work to evaluate search queries, it was necessary to evaluate how relevant the result was to the user’s query, or there was work to assess the correctness of the routes on the maps. In any case, they will teach you everything.

What you need to be prepared for on this platform is to read long, but comprehensive instructions in pdf format for each type and subtype of tasks, naturally in English (you can always use a google translator or a browser extension, for example, I did so).
You need to be prepared for a lengthy recruitment process that will take several months. During these months, you will basically stupidly wait for the next letter from Lyonbridge, but also you will need to read the instructions and run the test, in my case the instructions, in my opinion, took 200 or 300 pdf pages (I already remember badly, it was a long time ago ), and I had to spend almost the whole day to solve the test, but still, if successful, this time is paid for, which is undoubtedly nice.

In my experience, you can earn here a month from 200 euros on rotten days to 500, in some cities of Russia you can freely live on this money. I know people who managed to earn Euro 800 from several accounts or at the same time on Lyonbridge and on the Leapforse platform (which is now sold on the Appen platform), which I will discuss later. In theory, you can’t do this, it is prescribed in the agreement that you sign at the beginning of your work. A platform similar monitors and banishes violators without analysis and warning.

Lyonbridge positions itself as a provider of half-time work, that is, according to their rules, you can work no more than 20 hours a week. When or if you become a super skillful and dupe dude, you really will receive 100-150 euros in these 20 hours, maybe more, maybe less – it all depends on the vacancy, until then – you’ll probably do everything every 2 times, or even 3 times longer (do not forget that you need breaks, otherwise some part of your body will leak and stop fulfilling its functions).

Appen is almost the same as Lyonbridge, you can also make good money yourself. True, on some projects the salary is still lower due to less work. Let’s say they previously had a project for evaluating advertising on Instagram, where they only needed to work an hour a day and paid $ 7 for that hour, now they have more profitable and long-playing projects.
I won’t even say anything about the employment process, because why repeat it. Visit their website, apply, take the test. They do not always have open projects; they need to be caught. Remember, you cannot work in Lyonbridge and Appen at the same time. I think if you really need to break this rule – you will find a way out how to do it without a pale, I have no doubt, but if anything – I warned you.

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isoftstone – there is work here both for those who know English or some other languages, and for Russian-speakers. A transcriptor vacancy is now open. You will need to listen to the recordings and record them. Payment in foreign currency, it will be necessary to work from 15 to 20 hours a week, the schedule is flexible, knowledge is not required, work is urgent – judging by the description of the vacancy, a person needs a couple of months. Jobs here are updated periodically, so maybe when you read this post there will be another opportunity for work on the platform.

Utest. Here you can become a tester of sites and applications, in other words, you will look for bugs in them, and for each bug you will receive money. But do not be alarmed, this, again, does not require absolutely any related knowledge or experience from you. All you need to do is register on the platform, and pass a couple of unpaid test tasks and thus raise your rating. Each test task is accompanied by a good instruction, after finding the next bug during the tasks you get an extra point. There is always a feedback here: you will always be told what you did wrong and how to fix it. All of course in English. Well, gradually your rating will grow, your orders will begin to appear, in case of success, there will be more orders. In Russia, you cannot withdraw more than $ 500 from this platform per month, because you will need to provide a piece of paper related to American taxes, which you most likely do not have.

A similar platform is You also need to look for bugs, for a found bug they give up to $ 50, but they reject many bugs found. There is less work than on Utest. However, I have not come here for a long time, who works on the test – write off, I wonder how things are going on there now. Money from here can be withdrawn to PayPal and Payoneer. Everything is in English; you can also learn everything on the platform itself.

Try to get an assessor in Yandex. All you need for this work is fast Internet and a computer (or tablet / phone). Yandex does not require any requirements for your knowledge at the time of writing this text from applicants, although experience in testing will not be superfluous. You will be taught everything you need; you only need to pass the test. You will be engaged in testing a variety of company products directly from your devices, possibly even writing all sorts of test scripts and then consulting your colleagues. Salary, as always, depends on the number of tasks performed, issued honestly and without delay. Well, the salary here, of course, will be lower than on non-domestic platforms, plus you will not be able to hide here from the tax in any way if you are interested.

Specifically, Yandex is still recruiting quality control specialists in Zen. Here you will need to check the accuracy of the algorithms that select publications that are of interest to the user. This work is remote, but unlike the ones I said earlier, it assumes full employment of 8 hours a day (on all previous platforms you can choose when and how much to work and whether to work at all). The requirements for vacancies are again ridiculous, only people are not recruited from all cities and training is supposed not at home, but at the office of the company.

Well, in general, in Yandex, there are many different vacancies suitable for the remoter. You can try yourself as a support operator in a directory, for example. Yandex.Toloka I will not offer you a fundamentally, because they pay disastrously now. Well, I want to draw your attention to one sad detail – on Lionbridge, Appen, Utest,, Clickworker and isoftstone, you can work anytime and anytime: you can sit down to work at least 3 a.m., you can work an hour a day, and you can do a weekly standard of work in a day and a half, and for me it’s cool. Yandex will not give you such an opportunity, you will have to be a slave for a bit and heed the demand of your slaver. And this at a lower salary. In short, I advise you to immediately mark on foreign platforms.