How not to look like a TV star

Once upon a time, celebrities became popular thanks to their talent. This included actors, musicians and even models (yes, that also takes talent). The way up – where the paparazzi are waiting for you – is very difficult. With the airing of Geordie Shore, it was enough to have a pumped-up abs, a body covered in bad self-tanning, and bad behavior to get on the screen. And when the shows The Only Way Is Essex, Ex On The Beach and Love Island appeared, it became clear that this new reality – mediocrity, lack of self-esteem – was with us for a long time. But these shows are not only a master class on the exchange of chlamydia. They also popularize their stars – the false prophets of fashion. Yes, reality TV stars are bad-style standard bearers. By forcing us to contemplate their non-facial expressions for an hour (thanks to Botox!), They try to convince us that their strange clothes are a model of style. Don’t be fooled. If you are fashion and style savvy – not like those in Buckhurst Hill – follow our tips to fix the style dictated by the stars of the TV show.


1 tight clothing

1.1 Replacement

2 Drawn eyebrows

2.1 Replacement

3 Shoulder bags

3.1 Replacement

4 Ethnic tattoos

4.1 Replacement

5 Deep cut

5.1 Replacement

6 Short shorts

6.1 Replacement

Tight clothing

The love of tight-fitting clothes runs through all reality shows. It can be jeans, T-shirts, shirts, trousers. The tissue allegedly bursts on the muscles, although they are not that impressive. Of course, tight-fitting clothing emphasizes well a trained body, but there is a difference between “fits” and “bursts”.


Wear clothes of the size that emphasize your dignity. Do not turn into a Hulk.

Painted eyebrows

Bright eyebrows brought into fashion women at gas stations. Then it became a man’s fashion. Men came out of the salons with brightly colored eyebrows that aspired upwards. Those who were not lucky with the density and shape even tattooed their eyebrows.


If you do not like your natural eyebrows, you can change them, but know that there is a reasonable middle between Tarzan and Terry from the show Love Island. Regular plucking will keep your eyebrows looking normal. You can use a little wax to smooth them over and maintain their natural appearance.

Handbags over the shoulder

No one knows exactly where the fashion for crossbody bags. But we know for sure that they are terrible. Sports bags and shoulder bags have won the love of men all over the world, although at first they were ridiculed. In case of small handbags, we can only express our contempt. What can they fit besides a phone and a pair of ounces of weed?


Most men’s brands offer different options for bags and backpacks, so you can pick the right model for yourself and never even think about carrying over your shoulder a small handbag with a fake Louis Vuitton print.

Ethnic tattoos

Modern fashionists borrowed haircuts of Gujarati Indians and Bindi people. There are also ethnic tattoos in their arsenal. With the heyday of the TV show, the symbols of Samoa and Maori were taken out of their original context to be applied to tanned bodies in the UK. A reasonable question arises – which tribe do you belong to? Except in the Clan of Total Cretins, because the participants of the TV show hardly have family ties with the inhabitants of Polynesia.


The tattoo should be prepared, so that after its application do not regret it. You don’t have to choose a tattoo just because it looks cool, because you have to walk with it all your life.

Deep neckline

You go to the gym. Your muscle mass is growing. You have oil for your skin to look cool. All you need to be a star is a shirt with an extremely deep neckline. This is the most popular outfit for reality show characters, because they think it emphasizes muscles.


Beautiful body requires less clothing, but it looks great in a regular T-shirt or shirt. No strange synthetic materials, shiny or tattooed designs are needed. If you really want to impress the world with your body, you should wear a sports T-shirt.


Length just above the knee is typical for shorts from Ralph Lauren. Such shorts are worn in Oxford and Cambridge. They are considered a classic, look cool and quite suitable for cool summer looks. If you make them shorter, the picture will change dramatically. Such clothes do not guarantee decency anymore.


In summer, exposure is inevitable. The secret to saving a decent look is length. Wear chinos or denim shorts that cover most of your thigh. Needless to say, your legs should be evenly tanned.