How technology is changing sex

Traditional toys for adults are no longer in trend. Today, in the sex industry – as in any other – high technology rules the ball. VR porn, making love at a distance, “smart” masturbators are just a small list of what you should pay attention to.

Adult Movies in VR

How it works? A man puts on VR glasses, a certain action unfolds before him. In a film for adults, the protagonist of which is the visitor himself, he can, for example, be surrounded by cheerleaders, or he can even play the role of a criminal interrogated by a sexual investigator. It all depends on desires and imagination. The sensations are quite real, although no one really touches the person. However, now there are various devices that simulate the movement of an actress / actor on a visitor. On the other hand, so far they are not one hundred percent realistic, so this will not create a full tactile impression.

But the company VR Bangers, which creates porn in virtual reality format, went further and launched the “Time Capsule”. This is a service with which you can record sex on the camera (from the position of both partners) and after many years, being in old age, “relive” this experience again – for this, you just need to put on VR glasses.

What else is interesting? In Tokyo, for example, you can book street cabins with VR porn. The Japanese also came up with the Play with Nanai service. Nanai is a virtual character with whom you can engage in virtual sex, while receiving a very real feeling. The game comes with a doll – the user can move it as you like – and a VR controller. A person sees the full picture of what is happening in VR.


Teledildonika is sex at a distance with the help of various “smart” devices. For example, there are intelligent masturbators for men. They can be reduced to the rhythm of the actions taking place on the phone screen, as well as to the rhythm of the movements of the vibrator in the hands of a partner. The vibrator from the kit has a touch surface, and all the manipulations that the girl does with it are transferred to the masturbator. It turns out that you can have sex while being at different ends of the world.

There are more primitive masturbators. They are genital casts of famous pornographic actresses who receive royalties for the sale of these products.

Artificial Intelligence Sex Toys

Autoblow AI is a sex toy for men. It consists of a rubber sleeve and located inside the device, which imitates oral sex. At the same time, he constantly changes technique and reproduces the complex and unusual movements that an imaginary partner makes. To create the device, scientists used deep learning. They came up with a system for annotating porn videos to understand which movements give a man the most pleasure. It was analyzed 109 hours of video about a blowjob, a total of 1200 videos. An algorithmic model, the model processed this data and translated it into the movements of the toy. Autoblow AI has different modes, including AI mode – in this case, the user does not know what to expect from the device.

How can artificial intelligence diversify intimate life, what is contactless sex and is it safe?
The annual turnover of the high-tech market for sex services has already reached $ 30 billion. One of the industry leaders, the American company developing Abyss Creations, which develops sex robots, has already taught them to blink, laugh, raise eyebrows, engage in dialogue with people, pretend to have an orgasm and even refuse to have sex. The doll is trained with the help of artificial intelligence and adapts to the preferences of its owner. Are there any downsides to these dolls? Enough:

The battery only lasts a few hours.

Speech is very poorly synchronized with mouth movements

Cold – albeit soft – skin

The processor is audible

Man himself must pose for the doll

Abyss Creations can control and customize the doll using the Harmony app. It is available on Google Play and costs $ 20. But the doll itself is much more expensive: from $ 4 thousand to $ 8 thousand a woman and about $ 6 thousand a man. The buyer can assemble the doll himself. Customization will cost another $ 5 thousand. Personal qualities are configured in the application.

What can be adjusted?





Manner of speech

How are dolls made and what are they made of?

The forms are filled with silicone, and gelatin silicone inserts are placed in the parts of the body that should be soft – the chest and buttocks. The hinges in the doll are located not only in the shoulders, elbows, hands and knees, but also in the place of the solar plexus. The doll can bend like a real person, and the user can put or put it in any position.

Now manufacturers are trying to solve two problems:

Embed self-lubrication function

Introduce an internal heating system

What are sex dolls for?

Diversify sex life, realize your fantasies

Find … the perfect conversation partner. The founder of the largest producer of sex dolls RealDoll Matt McMullen claims that very soon sex for his dolls will cease to be the main function. The main thing will be communication with a person. The user using the application will be able to put any information into the head of a sex robot, and he will only say what his owner wants.

Some people buy sex dolls so that they become their regular partners. They live together, “talk”, watch TV, etc. There are couples in love who are not averse to building a three-way relationship with a robot. For example, Americans Shelley and Darris share a bed with a robotic doll for $ 7 thousand, and their married compatriot James also sheltered a blonde robot at home. According to the man, the wife is only glad that he is “cheating” on her with a doll, and not with a lively mistress.

Digital men are people who prefer live conversations to online conversations / flirt / sex or “relationships” with sex robots. In other words, these people realize their sexual needs in the virtual world. Some scholars suggest that in the future, digital sexuality will become a new type of orientation. For such people, Abyss Creations introduced the Real Girls app (so far only for Android). In it you can create a virtual girl and even build a relationship with her.

Films and series about the relationship of people with sex dolls and robots:

“World of the Wild West”

“Black mirror”

“Lars and the real girl”

“Real size”


“She is”

“Out of the car”

“His name was Robert”

“I love you”

“Artificial intelligence”

“Inflatable doll”



“My girl is a cyborg”

“Steel giant”

“Bicentennial Man”

Robot and Frank


In New York, the Department of Health sent residents a reminder of sex during quarantine. “You are your most reliable sexual partner. Masturbation does not distribute COVID-19, as well as sex toys. Especially if you wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after sex. ”

In conditions of self-isolation, the demand for condoms and sex toys has grown. The best-selling gadget was the “Hare whisperer”, the quietest of the vibrators. Consumers are increasingly paying attention to sound characteristics in conditions when “everyone is at home.”

If the partners quarantine separately, you can have sex at a distance and not even seeing each other. For example, We Vibe manufactures remotely controlled sex gadgets using a remote control or application. This allows anyone to give access to toys, even if he is in another country.

According to the forecasts of sex futurologists, by 2028, more than 25% of young people using gadgets will have sex at a great distance, and by 2045, one in ten will have an intimate experience with an AI-based sex doll.

Using sex gadgets raises privacy concerns. High-tech toys can be hacked and intercepted from a distance. For example, Werner Schober, senior IT consultant of the Austrian company Sec Consult, which implements cybersecurity strategies, wrote his thesis on this topic. He gained access to the data of all owners of one popular model of the vibrator and he could launch any of these gadgets connected to the Web.